“Lord I’m NOT Of The World and I’m Hated!”

We are one week away from the big event many call Christmas, and no one questions where did this come from and God forbid someone such as myself say I do not follow traditions of men!…………But is’nt this the persecution Jesus spoke of would happen if you no longer do as you used and has called us from the ways of the world? Oh how I fit in when my house was all decorated at this time of year, never questioned where it all came from and why would I?. Afterall the word Christmas has the name Christ in it and everyone is doing it more than not so it must be right …..Right??? There is a reason that on the wide path that leads to destruction many find it…….But on the narrow path that leads to life very few find it, and if they do the persecution sometimes guilt’s them back into the traditions.

    God is a Holy God and he expects his children to do as he asks and follow his truth no matter how unpopular it is. If he says: To be friends of the world is to be his enemy, I believe him. If he says: We are to serve him in Spirit and in Truth, I believe him.
(James 4:4)……(John 4:23,24)
 I have quit looking to the world for answers and look back at things I did without asking any question’s like………………
1.) Can reindeer really Fly?   
2.) Can a person let alone a fat man in a red suit really fit down a chimney?
3.) Does Santa exist?   
4.) Is it true everytime a bell rings an angel gets his wings?
5.) If you sing “I’m dreaming of a white christmas”.What then do people sing in the states without snow?
6.) December is the season of giving……I’ve read God loves a cheerful giver and doesn’t give the month for that.
7.) If God is Love and he is why do people say OH! The stress of the holidays? God’s way is of Peace and not chaos or confusion.
8.) Cutting down a pine tree and putting it in your house and decorate with lights and ornaments.How again does that Honor God?
9.) Is there instructions on a mistle toe plant that says when you hang it people will want to kiss?
10.) God’s word is clear on all his instructions for us….Where again is the passage “When my Son dies, celebrate and call it Christmas?
    Since I no longer live as the world does and am in great company with my Lord who gives me the words that he too suffered at the hands of those he didn’t follow, I am left with his words…”REMEMBER THEY HATED ME BEFORE THEY HATED YOU!
“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you”.(John 15:18,19).
WHY again do you believe in all these lie’s? How many of your enemies will be getting a gift?



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