Preparation for Passover… A Further Anointing…

Dear Readers of Precious Sheep of Renown…

Sister Julia graciously invited me into her blog to share the things The LORD has given to me. I hope these posts will be as edifying to you as they have been convicting to me.



~ ~ ~ Brother Hayden

Brother Hayden, a Monastic-At-Heart Christian Brother, whom I know very well and who lives a holy and separated life, shared this with some brothers recently.

Once we repent and leave the obvious sins in our lives, how do we walk in DEEPER obediences… those deeper obediences which draw us closer and closer to The LORD JESUS CHRIST ?


We do it by accepting, adopting, and embracing SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE in our lives through the day. These VOLUNTARY obediences are what refreshes and rejuvenates our soul. It is the way which keeps our Christianity from turning dry and stale and nominal. Here is one way to do this.


+   +   +


Being “monastic-at-heart” myself, I follow the Christian Calendar instead of the civic calendar for the world’s holidays, so these posts will focus on the current Lenten season... a time for deep reflection upon one’s life via the mirror of GOD’S Holy Word.


Churches which follow a more structured liturgy, commonly called the High Churches, usually keep the Lenten Season before the Passion Week of CHRIST much more seriously than do non-liturgical churches.


But, the High Churches do not own it.


Any serious Christian can keep this 40-day season of reflection and repentance in preparation for the Passion Week of CHRIST.

I myself am a plain Christian, neither High church nor Low, but I have found it fruitful also to set aside these days to focus upon deep repentance, in light of the remembrance of Our LORD’S sacrifice for my sins.


During this season, some Christians do a moderated fasting for 40 days; some curtail activities and non-essential interaction. There are those who nearly hibernate during this season, not receiving telephone calls nor responding on emails.

The liturgical color adopted for this season is dark purple. Some Christians dress more soberly during Lent and eliminate entertainment or any light-hearted activity, choosing to devote that time to sitting quietly before The LORD in reflection, stillness, devotion, and worship.


These meditations, then, are written for that serious-minded Follower of JESUS who wants to draw closer to HIM+ during this season.

The word “Lent” itself is from the Old High German “lenzin” and only means spring , having no actual ecclesiastical root. Thus, I call these meditations The Preparation for Passover, to remind us to clean out the unclean leaven from our midst like the Hebrew children did to remember the First Passover.


They removed the leaven from their homes as per The LORD’S Word through Moses (Exodus 12:15); we remove the leaven from our hearts as per The LORD’S Word through the Apostle Paul ( 1 Corinthians 5:6-8).


CHRIST our Passover

is sacrificed for us; therefore, let us keep the feast. Not with old leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of Purity and Truth.

I Corinthians 5:7-8


So, as we prepare our hearts for the remembrance of the GREAT Passover of the un-blemished LAMB+ of GOD, let us use this season to draw near to HIM+ … Whose+ desire is ever to draw near to us ( James 4:8).

The Lenten season officially began on Ash Wednesday, which occurred on February 10, so today marks the half-way point to Passion Week… the week we remember Our LORD’S crucifixion.


The Preparation for Passover Meditations will be posted, starting tomorrow…. LORD willing and we live.     

Sister Judith Hannah + + +

One thought on “Preparation for Passover… A Further Anointing…

  1. Dear Kristi Ann… Thank you for your good response. I like your website too.

    The LORD bless your day now.

    In HIM+
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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