Fountain of Favor… Meditations for the Preparation for the Passover Season



The Sacrifice LAMB+ has been slain, His+ Blood on the alter, a stain, to wipe away guilt and pain, to bring hope eternal.  Salvation has come to the world, GOD’S only SON+, to the world, JESUS the ONE+ for the world… YESHUA+ is HE+.  The  Sacrifice LAMB, by Joel Chernoff 

Introduction to the Passover Season Meditations:   These meditations will take 5 minutes to read, even slowly.  They are to guide our reflection upon The Word, unto Our Passover LAMB+, and produce conviction in the inner man.  This conviction is to draw us closer to Our SAVIOR, Who+ cleanses, not condemning the confessor. His+ only admonishment is : “Go… and sin no more.”  May the LORD add His+ blessing to His+ words.


 Meditations to Prepare our Hearts

for The Passover Season

Christian Calendar: The Lenten Season, 2016   Liturgical Color: dark purple  Spiritual Focus: Deep Repentance   Special Worship Features for this somber season:   Avoid using “glory” and “Hallelujah” until worshipping on Resurrection Day. Replace with “Worthy is the LAMB+” or “Blessed be GOD: FATHER, SON+, and HOLY SPIRIT.”   +  +  +

Now is My+ soul troubled;

and what shall I+ say …


save ME+ from this hour ?

but for this cause

came I+ unto this hour.


Glorify Thy Name.

 Then came there a Voice from Heaven, saying,

I have both glorified IT,

and will glorify IT again.

John 12:27-28

+  +  +

Meditation Verse

Ephesians 1:2

 Grace to you all and peace from out of  GOD, FATHER of us and of LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

Literal Greek

Grace to you and peace from GOD our FATHER and from the LORD JESUS CHRIST. (KJV)


 Either way this verse is read, we see that The LORD GOD is the fountain of favor towards us all and the place of peace.

 As a matter of fact, there is NO PEACE to be had in this world — or in the world to come — apart from The LORD.

 Additionally, there is NO FAVOR or grace to be had, in Truth, in this world — or in the world to come — apart from The LORD.

 How, then, do we obtain this unmerited favor and un-earned peace?


Know ye not that your body is the temple


which is in you, which ye have of GOD,

and ye are not your own?

 For ye are bought with a Price+:

therefore glorify GOD

in your body, and in your spirit,

which are GOD’S.

I Corinthians 6:19-20

Our peace with GOD our FATHER and that great Favor from HIM came at the highest PRICE+ imaginable:

 through The BLOOD


Only-begotten SON+.  

HE+ became the LAMB+ of GOD, the unblemished LAMB+ provided by GOD The FATHER as an ACCEPTABLE sacrifice to cover our sins… the only acceptable sacrifice, ever. 

That PRICE+ cost The FATHER, as well as HIS SON+. Even though The FATHER did not leave His Throne in Heaven ( as some teach ? ), the sacrifice of HIS SON+ cost HIM dearly. 

Anyone who loves his child would realize the enormity of The FATHER’S sacrifice, even from a finite, human perspective.

We see the picture shown to us through Abraham not withholding Isaac as a sacrifice, a prophetic portrayal given to us as a pattern or TYPE that we should recognize The MESSIAH+ when HE+ came. 

The FATHER loveth the SON+

and has given all things into His+ Hand.  

John 3:35

Peace and favor are unobtainable in this world. 

Some may negotiate for peace with bribes, as the nations of the world do.  Some may bribe — or belong to the right “clubs” — in order to obtain favor in this world. Most sell their soul in one way or another to obtain favor.

However, that elusive favor and un-obtainable peace come ONLY FROM The LORD.

Peace and Grace are not obtainable with gold and silver, with money or possessions. They are not obtainable with skills or gifted abilities, either, although the world would like us to BELIEVE that they are… hence, the carrot-and-stick “motivational” force behind worldly ambition.

The richest person on earth cannot purchase his own peace and personal grace from others. Neither can the most clever, the most talented and gifted ones among us. The biographies of the world’s greatest — from artists to scientists — show us that truth.

Peace and Grace come ONLY from Our FATHER Who art in Heaven, ( Hallowed be HIS name ), because HE sent HIS only-begotten SON+ JESUS CHRIST to obtain peace and grace for us. 

JESUS paid the price for our Peace with The FATHER. JESUS paid the price for our favor and grace with HIM, also. 

HE gives those unobtainable precious possessions to those who are bought with a PRICE+ and are not their own. 

 Are you “your own” man today? 

 If you are,

you will not be counted

as His+ own.

Is your body functioning as the Temple of the HOLY SPIRIT, today ?

If not, a cleansing of the Temple is in order.

RECALL: it has been done before

A whip of cords was necessary that time because the users of the Temple KNEW better but refused to cleanse the Temple themselves.

 Is your spirit  earnestly living

in eager pursuit

of the Will of GOD ?

Or… is the Will of the LORD

an inconvenience imposed

into your day ?   


Let us Pray:

O LORD CHRIST, forgive me being UNYIELDED to YOU+ and  not applying Thy Promises of love, joy, and peace.

I know Your+ Word is true and cannot lie.  I know my flesh is not true and tries to pull me away from Your+ Word.

Help me to cleanse my temple, holding nothing back for my own comfort .

Help me to yield my physical man, my mind and thinking, and yes, even my natural emotions unto YOU+ ; I give YOU+ free rein to cleanse me of them. I submit this fleshly man that I am unto YOU+, LORD CHRIST.

Help me to replace my natural-minded thoughts with Thy+ Word, which cannot lie. Help me to walk in Thy+ ways whether my flesh agrees with it or not. 

  Grant me Your+ favor before GOD.

 If favor before man is Your+ Will, then grant me the humility to know that favor  in the eyes of man only comes from YOU+ … and when you so ordain it. 

 I am indeed bought with a Price+ … Your+ Blood.  I give YOU+ back what is Yours+ by creation … and Yours+ again , by purchase.

 Help me to remember it. Amen.

 +  +  +

Worthy is the LAMB+.

 Worthy is The LAMB+ that was slain.

 Worthy is the LAMB+,

slain from the foundation

of the earth.

Revelation 13:8

 +  +  +

Praise and thanksgiving

be to The FATHER,

and to His Beloved SON+


and to the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.





both now and forever,

world without end.



4 thoughts on “Fountain of Favor… Meditations for the Preparation for the Passover Season

    • Dear C.J.,
      Thank you for your kind response and for your thanksgiving for our PEACE+, that Great SACRIFICE LAMB+. I think I have seen a bumper sticker that says something like this: NO PEACE ? — NO JESUS ……. KNOW JESUS ? — KNOW PEACE !

      May The LORD bless your day.

  1. I am truly enjoying every post you are writing, as it brings a peace and closeness with the Lord and is a great reminder of just how important our walk in obedience to Him is. Looking forward to next post. God Bless your work in Him Sister.

    • Dear Precious Sister Julia,
      Thank you for writing; I am blessed to know the posts are drawing readers to JESUS, just like yours do, which is our intent in all of our articles, isn’t it ?

      A Meditation is designed to ” TAKE US ON A WALK.” We see some aspect of WHO+ HE+ is, and then some insight into who we are… and an understanding of how to reconcile the two, how to close the gap. It should always lead to repentance and draw us closer to our HOLY LORD JESUS.

      I hope the Meditations are doing that. One never knows if they are effective unless someone RESPONDS, though. But, we offer our posts unto GOD as a sweet-smelling sacrifice… HIS+ gift to us which we embrace and return to HIM+.

      These issues, dear friend, are not “academic” but real-life struggles I have lived through myself… some not so victoriously, sad to say.

      But, OUR GOD REIGNS ! Even over my unruly and reluctant flesh, HE+ REIGNS. I am so utterly thankful for that.

      May The LORD bless you dear Sister; let us agree to press ON !

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