Their crime?  Following Y’SHU+ ( The LORD JESUS).








And when he had opened the fifth seal,

I saw under the altar

the souls of them that were slain

for the WORD+ of GOD,

and for the testimony

which they held:

Revelation 6:9

+  +  +

Today ( 3-6-2016 ) , we received an email from friends, Wycliffe Bible translators who are retired from the field now, but help other translators with their translation work.  They worked with 25 translators in the Middle East about a year ago and then did further work with a smaller group more recently. About 60% of the New Testament was completed by the translators. On one of their trips, their computer was stolen during “customs” check at the airport, which had all the Scripture files on it needed to help in the translation. Apologies were made… but no lap-top was ever returned. 

Here is their report today :  

” … We got some bad news yesterday. Four of the 25 translators in the Middle East were killed because of their being engaged in translation work.

One of the seven whom I taught when I was there was badly beaten, but two brothers threw themselves on top of him to absorb the blows, so he survived.

May the church there mushroom because of the blood of these four. And may God raise up other translators in their stead….”

 +  +  +

Let Us Pray: 

LORD JESUS CHRIST, unto WHOM+ every knee shall bow, we bend the knees of our hearts to THEE+.

Thank THEE+ , O CHRIST, for Your+ faithful MARTYRS and CONFESSORS. We know that they are in Paradise in Heaven with THEE+ and clothed with WHITE ROBES, a-rejoicing.  Precious in Your+ eyes is the death of Your+ saints. 

O LORD, help me never, never to deny THEE+ before men, no matter what I am faced with. Help me to die DAILY to my SELF, that I may prepare my heart to stand in the face of the enemy… should I be required to do so.

I commit my life to THEE+, as a faithful REDEEMER. In Thy+ Holy Name, LORD JESUS CHRIST, I lift up this prayer to THEE+. Amen

+  +  +

Worthy is the LAMB+.

Worthy is The LAMB+ that was slain.

 Worthy is the LAMB+,

slain from the foundation of the earth.

Revelation 13:8


3 thoughts on “WHITE ROBES for the ELECT…

  1. The days are proving the return of Christ is near, for the fear of God is not in the hearts of men and we see it daily. May we show others what a true sacrifice is by dying to self and not fear in the face of evil. To God Be the glory for our standing strong in the Lord. God Bless You.

    • Dear Julia, dear Sister,
      Yes, we see and hear of JESUS’ martyrs and confessors daily who loved not their lives unto the death. What you said is VERY TRUE: we MUST practice dying to our flesh , and that is EVERY DAY, to prepare our hearts for persecution. We do not die to the flesh as an exercise of self-will, but rather, in obedience to the leading of CHRIST JESUS in our lives. We follow HIM+, not Self, in this dying out, as well as in all matters.

      I think the vital part is YIELDING. We YIELD unto His+ leadership, unto His+ LORDSHIP. We submit the CONTROLS of our Life over unto JESUS our LORD and let HIM+ truly operate as LORD OF OUR LIVES… not just something we think about on Sundays in church.

      If this is not done DAILY, we will not be prepared for the coming days.

      Thank you for this response. I appreciate it so much, dear friend.

      May The LORD bless your labors in His+ camp.

      In JESUS
      Who+ alone is Life,
      both here … and BEYOND THE GRAVE !

      Sr. Judith Hannah + + +


    Dear friend, thank you so much for responding to this article. It is a GLORIOUS HOPE and promise that HE+ gives to us to obtain these WHITE ROBES if we do NOT DENY His+ Name in the face of opposition, persecution, and death.

    May HE+ strengthen us all in the inner man to stand when our time of testing comes.

    JESUS said, ” I+ , I+ AM the Resurrection and the Life. HE+ who believes in ME+ shall NEVER DIE. Believest thou this ? ”

    We respond: YES, LORD, I BELIEVE that THOU+ ART the CHRIST… The SON+ OF GOD Who+ has come into the world. ”

    Hold fast to CHRIST JESUS; HE+ holds fast to you !

    In HIM+,
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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