Meditations to Prepare our Hearts

for The Passover Season

+  +  +

Now is My+ soul troubled;

and what shall I+ say …


save ME+

from this hour ?

but for this cause

came I+ unto this hour.


Glorify Thy Name.

Then came there a Voice from Heaven, saying,

I have both glorified It,

and will glorify It again.

 John 12:27-28

+  +  +

Meditation Verse 

Ephesians 1:4

According as HE ( The FATHER)  hath chosen us in HIM+ ( The SON+) before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before HIM ( The FATHER ) in love:

+  +  +



 We were not born before the foundation of the kosmos, the world.

  No-one was.

  No son of the Adamic race was born before the foundation of the kosmos.

 So, how could The FATHER choose us in The SON+ before we even existed ? Before there were any “Adams” within this kosmos ?

[Early writings call human beings “Adams.” ]

 We become part of that “us” when we respond to JESUS. We are not part of that “us”, however, if we refuse HIM+.

 The FATHER determined to have a People from earth for Possession.  In the pre-planned destiny for mankind, these Peculiar People would be acceptable unto The FATHER through The SON+.

 We become part of those Peculiar People when we respond to JESUS. We are not part of the Peculiar People of GOD, however, if we refuse HIM+.

 In short, before Adam was created… indeed, before this world as we know it was created… GOD The FATHER determined to bring human beings into communion with HIMSELF through JESUS CHRIST, HIS Beloved SON+.  

 We come into Communion with GOD when we choose to follow JESUS. We are not part of that Communion, however, if we refuse TO FOLLOW HIM+ DAILY, in our living. HE+ is NOT a “Sunday” GOD. 

 Furthermore, because these Peculiar People would come to HIM through HIS SON+ , they also would become holy and unblemished… just like HIS SON+.

 Just like HIS Beloved SON+, these Peculiar People would stand before Our FATHER in love.

 That love is agapA love, the love pouring upon them from The FATHER… and their hearts responding, pouring forth their love upon Our Heavenly FATHER, in return.

+  +  +


Let us Pray:

 O, Dear Heavenly FATHER Who loveth mankind, I thank THEE for planning a Way+ for me to come to THEE, in Spirit and in Truth…  before I even existed apart from THEE. 

 I know my life came from THEE ; in love THOU didst plant me in my mother’s womb and called me by my name before I was born.

 Regardless of who my parents are and regardless of how I was conceived… THOU authored my existence. THOU didst grant me my life upon earth.

I am THINE, O HOLY FATHER, planted in CHRIST JESUS before the world began.

 Renouncing and forsaking the pull of this world, I return to THEE what is THINE own.

 Yes, I give THEE back my life, hidden in CHRIST JESUS, my LORD and SAVIOR+. Use it for Thy purposes.

 For… I love THEE, O HOLY FATHER, my true FATHER.

 This life loaned to me, I see, rightly belongs to THEE.

 In the name of Thy+ Beloved SON+, our True Womb+,  I pray these my imperfect prayers. Amen.

 +  +  +

 Worthy is the LAMB+.

 Worthy is The LAMB+ that was slain.

 Worthy is the LAMB+,

slain from the foundation of the earth.

Revelation 13:8

 +  +  +

Praise and Thanksgiving

be to The FATHER,

and to His Beloved SON+


and to the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.






both now and forever,

world without end.


+  +  +

 Introduction to the Passover Season Meditations:

 These meditations will take 5 minutes to read, even slowly.  They are to guide our reflection upon The Word, unto Our Passover LAMB+, and produce conviction in the inner man.  This conviction is to draw us closer to Our SAVIOR, Who+ cleanses, not condemning the confessor. His+ only admonishment is : “Go… and sin no more.”  

 May the LORD add His+ blessing to His+ words.

 Christian Calendar: The Lenten Season, 2016

Liturgical Color: dark purple

Spiritual Focus: Deep Repentance

 Special Worship Features for this somber season: 

Avoid using “glory” and “Hallelujah” until worshipping on Resurrection Day.

 Replace with “Worthy is the LAMB+” or “Blessed be GOD: FATHER, SON+, and HOLY SPIRIT.”

+  +  +



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