SOFT As Clay…


Azalea in Woods — Photo by The Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+


Soft as Clay

in the Master’s+ Hands…


soft as clay in the Master’s+ Hands,

I would be.

Willing clay… workable, compliant…

not fighting against THEE+

when I do not like the changes.


My lump of brittle dryness,

cracking, and falling in pieces…

not able to be used,

except for dustpan debris…

until the moisture of Thy Tears+

is added unto me.


The stiffness and hardness of my clay heart then

… and only then…

is worked,

kneaded thoroughly by the Potter+ of all flesh

until I have reached that perfect state:

malleable in Thy+ Hands.

Work me, make me supple under Thy+ Touch

until I do not fight THEE+ any more.


Form me, shape me,

into a vessel meet for Thy+ Use

… for Thy+ Divine Purpose…

on this battlefield of life.


And, help me not to harden

until the change has come.

My ears crave to hear this

at the setting of my sun:

“Enter thou into the joy of

Thy LORD+,

My+ good and faithful servant…

well done!”

+ + +

One thought on “SOFT As Clay…

  1. Dear “Clipped Butterfly”… Thank you so much for responding to this poem. It is my real life experience of my heart a few years back. I see that you are from India. Are you a Christian then, or a seeker ? Let me know. At any rate, May The LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you and draw us all closer and closer to HIMSELF+.

    In JESUS, Our Life,
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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