HE+ Faced the Cross ALONE…

… So that we don’t have to face

anything without HIM+. 



+  +  +

Worthy is the LAMB+

Worthy is the LAMB+  

Worthy is the LAMB+

that was slain…

Slain from the Foundation of the World.

+  +  + 





2 thoughts on “HE+ Faced the Cross ALONE…

  1. Praise God for sending our salvation! Amen Sister we do not face anything alone with Him by our side. Worthy Is The Lamb!!!! God Bless You.

  2. Dear Sister Julia… It is a MARVEL that we are invited into a COMPANIONSHIP with HIM+… a COMPANIONSHIP with the very ONE+ Who+ knows how bad we have been… and loves us STILL !

    ALL BLESSING, HONOR, GLORY, and POWER be unto The LAMB+ that was slain !

    Thank you for responding; I cherish your good words.

    May The LORD return blessings to you, too.

    In HIM+,
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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