Multiflora Roses in the Grapevines…




Thriving, vining weeds INVADED the grapevines this year.


One was a LOVELY, multi-branching, multiflora rose bush which, unfortunately, did not STAY a bush but twined its thorny self insidiously and thoroughly around the grapevine trunk and little branches. 


Large or small, all the grapevine branches became intangled with the multiflora rose “bush” invasion, for about 3 feet worth of “vine” growth.


The grapevine could not UN-entangle itself.  I had to do it myself.


Suddenly, the remembrance of the pretty and fragrant multiflora flowers were forgotten when faced with removing an enormous expanse of entangled multiflora roses…  full of nasty thorns.


Amid snags of my skin, snags of my clothing, and much ripping and pulling of grapevine leaves and tender branches, the thorny invader was yanked away from the grapevine.


Further down the row was another invader.  This fellow-vine had a showy leaf, common in this area. And to its credit, it stayed GREEN all through the bleak and drab winter. Furthermore, it had NO thorns !


Who would not like this vine ? 


A beautiful nest of green leaves and lovely, twisted woody stems spread itself invitingly atop the supporting trellis … the one supposed to be used for the grapevine. 


Even doves liked to perch in that green thicket because they could see and not BE seen.


So could the snakes, unfortunately.


Equally unfortunately, THIS invading vine not only covered the support for the grapevine, it also covered the ground in both directions for about 12 feet. A true invasion !


Problems were mounting, I could see.


The real problem was that NO FRUIT was produced by either the multiflora rose or the prolific green thicket-vine. 



Multiflora roses invading a field.

Worse, they both suffocated the real grapevine which was trying to bring forth both new spring leaves and fruit blossoms.


So, this spring the score was:

  • 2 vigorous, healthy, and invasive vines, good for show —

  • 1 smothered, struggling-to-survive grapevine, gasping to produce fruit.


The husbandman, the vine-trimmer, was me and I had to tackle the invading vines VIGOROUSLY. It was a MAJOR battle.


For, if not eradicated thoroughly, they would continue to grow and re-assert their tentacles as soon as the rain and sun promoted new growth… after all , the rain falls on the invading vines as well as the fruit-producer, and the sun shines equally on them all.


+  +  +


This discussion continued between me and The LORD as I continued to struggle with these invading vines, tearing at my skin, snapping me vigorously in my face. 


I began tackling the vines with :


WHY, LORD, can I not have… ? 

WHY , LORD,  is it not your will for me but it is okay for others ? 

WHY, LORD, am I not allowed to do … ? 

 It’s not BAD… … so why is it wrong for me ?


A few minutes into the wrestling match with those vines, however, I stopped asking. I knew WHY.


[ Now, I had already yielded over my will BEFORE I went out to trim the vines.  I was over-joyed to be back in constant closeness with The LORD JESUS. This discussion was not a “quarrel” against His+ Will,  but a real puzzlement I was pondering. ]


Yet, within minutes, I understood Our SAVIOR’s dealings with me.


Those “things” I wanted were not “bad” but rather, INVASIVE. 


They deterred me from bearing fruit.


They smothered me and diverted the rain and sunshine to THEIR roots and leaves, leaving me barren, struggling, and weakened.


Some were sweet-smelling and pretty — bedecked with sharp, hidden thorns.


Others were phony means of comfort, with no good use except to suffocate the real fruit and keep it from developing maturely.


Both devoured my time and effort.


Both were showy, pleasant to behold, and desirous… to the eyes of the heart. But underneath, one smothered and the other stung.


All the time I spent allowing the phony-fellow-vines to grow was time WASTED.


All the time that they grew, was time used to nourish the WRONG THINGS instead of the fruitful.


Every minute I allowed them to grow, they entrenched themselves deeper in the ground and entangled themselves more intricately around the real fruit-producer.


Every day that I ignored them — or unwittingly savored them —  made it harder to deal with their growing strength.


BUT …  I could not deal with them… until I saw they were “invaders.”


AND …   I could not see the true nature of the “invaders  … until I walked in obedience.



+  +  +


Be not deceived;

GOD is not mocked:


for whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.


For he that soweth to his flesh

shall of the flesh

reap corruption;


but he that soweth to the SPIRIT

shall of the SPIRIT



And let us not be weary

in well doing:

for in due season

we shall reap,

if we faint not.


Galatians 6: 7-9


+  +  +




O HOLY FATHER, I yield this un-holy yearning of my heart to THEE+ . 


Turn my heart by Thy+ Power away from these weeds.


Help me to sow to the SPIRIT through obedience. 


I renounce in the Name of JESUS my un-holy yearning for these weedy vines ; Cleanse me of them, O LORD I pray. I do NOT WANT them in my life any more.


They are illusionary, at best.


I cling unto YOU+, my SAVIOR+ and my GOD, as my only life, my only happiness.


Fill me with Your+ Resurrection power as I lay these dead, phony vines, at Your+ feet.


In Thy+ Name, O LORD JESUS, I pray. Amen.


+  +  +


I+ am the True VINE+,


is the Husbandman.


Every branch in ME+

that beareth not fruit

HE taketh away:


and every branch

that beareth fruit,

HE purgeth it,


that it may bring forth

more fruit.


Now ye are clean

through the Word

which I+ have spoken

unto you.

John 15:1-3

+  +  +




2 thoughts on “Multiflora Roses in the Grapevines…

  1. I completely enjoyed reading this post! It brought back so many good memories since at one time I used to have 85 roses. While reading this it brought the passage to mind that we are Gods husbandry and are Gods building. (1Corinthians 3:9). I love the way you reminded us that although things are beautiful at times the enemy of our soul can try his best to choke out the word of God. God Bless your work in Him Dear Sister.

  2. Dear, Precious Sister… What a sweet response! I canNOT imagine caring for 85 roses after my wrestling match with that one, multiflora rose bush entangled in our grapevines. Of course, your roses were probably a LOT better mannered than mine.

    Yes, these things we crave — not bad things but even good things — may not be in the Will of The LORD for us to have, simply because they DISTRACT us so much from His+ Work, from His+ Word.

    As you can tell, I have to learn things the hard way. :>)

    May the LORD bless your work, dear friend, as you bless your readers with the Word+ and helping us to FOCUS upon HIM+ Who+ is the Living Word of GOD. Amen and thankfully so.

    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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