Come Away, My+ Beloved… A Call to Quietness


Come Away, My+ Beloved ,

sit beside the sea

… or orchard , or graveyard or prayer closet…

whatever is near…

But, sit still Beside ME+.



Come Away, My+ Sheep who struggles,

still your heart;  you are Mine+. 

Hear the sound of My+ Breathing.

Stop the ever-flowing traffic

busy-ing your mind.


Come Away, My+ dear Disciple,

your labors seen and accounted 

with reward evermore, undoubted.

But step aside the hurrying tide,

set aside your goals today.

+  +  +

Your stillness is Precious; 

I+ prefer you that way.


Puffins and all photos are from Skellig Michael, an island off the southwestern coast of Ireland,  the remains of a centuries-old monastery.


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