Day 30 of the Resurrection Season… and Counting

Today is DAY 30 of the  “40 days and nights”  Our Risen LORD JESUS CHRIST spent with His+ Disciples, coming and going among them, teaching them those things concerning the Kingdom of GOD, opening unto them the Scriptures concerning HIMSELF+. 


Can we just IMAGINE how filled with JOY and HOPE His+ followers were… those same ones who had heard HIM+ teach, who had walked with HIM+ daily, and who saw HIM+ die ?  

Forty Days and Nights are a LONG TIME  for our Resurrected LORD JESUS to spend here on earth, appearing at will behind closed and locked doors,   disappearing at will , and even eating…  to the awe of His+ Disciples. 

We have only come to Day 30 yet from the Glorious Resurrection Day,  counting down to ASCENSION DAY.    Here is a laud with which to worship Our Risen LORD: 

A  SONG to The LAMB+

(Revelation 4:11, 5: 9-10, 13 )


Splendor and honor and kingly power

are YOURS by Right, O LORD our GOD,

For You created everything that is,

and by Your will they were created

and have their being;  



And Yours by right, O LAMB+ that was slain, 

for with Your Blood You have redeemed for GOD ,

from every family, languages, people, and nation,

a Kingdom of Priests to serve our GOD.


 And so,   to HIM Who sits upon the Throne

and to CHRIST the LAMB+,

be worship and praise,

dominion and splendor, 

for ever and for evermore. 


(BCP , Morning Prayer II, pg 93-94)   


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