Ascension Day on the Christian Calendar falls on 5.5.2016 for those following the western church calendar. The Eastern Orthodox celebrate Ascension Day this year on 6.9.2016.  It is the 40th Day of the Resurrection Season, regardless of which church calendar is followed. 



… and an important part of the Resurrection  !  The satan hates that our body will be glorified and rise into the Heavenlies… just like Our LORD’S BODY. 


Death has no more dominion

over HIM+. 

Because of THAT, death WILL exercise no more dominion over our bodies, either, on that GREAT DAY, when the Trumpet shall sound and the dead shall arise … incorruptible !  


The Risen CHRIST JESUS ascended to The FATHER.


His+ FLESH … yes, His+ very FLESH, now GLORIFIED … ascended into the Heavenlies. 


What’s more … even though Glorified,   the Body of His+ Flesh    was still able to function as JESUS did when HE+ was incarnate.


HE+ ate fish and honey; HE+ was able to walk and talk. HE+ had flesh and bones, nail prints and a wound in His+ fleshy side … just as touchable as HE+ was when HE+ was incarnate and dwelt among us.


That FACT ALONE should make Christians extremely JOYFUL . 


Who else can make the Dead to rise and the Flesh to enter into Heaven ?


None other than



HE+ alone fought the battle

to save


our FLESH,


as well as our spirit and soul

from the Second Death.


JESUS ascended unto the RIGHT HAND of The FATHER.


HE+ ascended to make intercession for us… i.e., HE+ intervenes between the satan and us, reminding him that HE+ WON the fight. JESUS CHRIST won the battle to rescue man … soul, spirit, AND BODY …  out of death’s clutches.


Yes… even the FLESH of MAN shall become incorruptible when the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised… glorified and INCORRUPTIBLE … with bodies like unto His+ Glorious Body !


Since by man came death,

by Man came also


of the Dead !

1 Corinthians 15:21


As in Adam all die,

Even so in CHRIST,

shall all be made alive …


… INCLUDLING our fleshly bodies !


No matter how … or when … or where  … we die on planet earth, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST will make our dust to rise and re-form again into our glorified, functioning, and earthly bodies.


They will be exactly the same body that we left, only without the blemishes, limitations, and handicaps we all have.  Our departed soul and spirit shall rejoin our now new and glorified bodies, that are like unto HIS+ Glorious Body.


The Saints beheaded for CHRIST will be intact, heads in place !  The severed limbs, the broken bodies of saints tortured for CHRIST will be mended, healed, made whole again … better than before.  Death shall be swallowed up IN VICTORY !   Thus, we do not WEEP … as those who have no hope. 


What a GLORIOUS PROMISE to have !  This Promise, of course, only extends to those who are New Creatures in CHRIST. 


But, the Invitation is OPEN. Whosoever WILL may come to JESUS, no matter the depth of sin, to be cleansed and made whole and out-fitted for the Kingdom of GOD, in linen pure and white.






Acts 1:6-11

When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, LORD, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?


And HE+ said unto them,

It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which The FATHER hath put in HIS own power.


But ye shall receive power,

after that the HOLY SPIRIT is come upon you:

and ye shall be witnesses unto ME+

both in Jerusalem,

and in all Judaea, and in Samaria,

and unto the uttermost part of the earth.


And when HE+ had spoken these things,

while they beheld,

HE+ was taken up;

and a cloud received HIM+

out of their sight.


And while they looked stedfastly toward Heaven

as HE+ went up,


two men stood by them

in white apparel;


Which also said,

Ye men of Galilee,

why stand ye gazing up into Heaven?


this same JESUS,

WHO+ is taken up from you into Heaven,

shall so come in like manner

as ye have seen HIM+ go

into Heaven.




Let us pray…


O GOD, our FATHER, Who for our redemption didst given thine Only-Begotten SON+ JESUS CHRIST to the death of the Cross.


And by HIS+ GLORIOUS RESURRECTION of His+ flesh has delivered us from the power of the adversary and the power of death…


Grant us SO TO DIE DAILY from sin, that we may EVERMORE live with HIM+  in the joy of His+ Resurrection …


through the Same, Thy SON+ JESUS CHRIST our LORD, our Great High Priest, our only Mediator and Advocate,  Who+ lives and reigns with THEE and Thy Blessed HOLY SPIRIT…


now and forever, ONE GOD, to the Endless Ages, world without end. Amen.


Glorious SAVIOR, our LORD JESUS CHRIST !  We love THEE+, we praise THEE+, we worship THEE+ with our lives, with every breath, with every heartbeat, with every moment that is allotted to us !


Amen, and thankfully so !

+  +  +

2 thoughts on “The ASCENSION of CHRIST… VITAL to our Faith, VITAL to our Hope, VITAL to our RESURRECTION JOY !

  1. Sister Judith…..Thank You for reminding us of all our Lord Has done for us. His resurrection gives us hope in this life and the one to come. Very good writing. God Bless your work in Him.

  2. Dear Julia… Yes, His+ MIGHTY Resurrection and GLORIOUS Ascension of His+ earthly body, now glorified yet able to eat ( ! ) , has brought me SO MUCH HOPE . I so look forward to Eternity in Heaven, with The LORD JESUS .

    Thank you for this comment.

    In HIM+ Who+ alone is LIFE
    both here and beyond the grave…

    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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