Apart From ME+ …



What  Can YOU Do ?


I+ am the Vine,

ye are the branches;


he that abideth in ME+,

and I+ in him,

the same bringeth forth much fruit;


for without ME+,

ye can do nothing.

John 15:5


+  +  +



These dear Words of Life from Our LORD JESUS CHRIST are comforting to us because they are so familiar to us “branches.” 

 The message from Our LORD, however, is FAR FROM COMFORTING.

 Let us read His+ message in the literal Greek, including the correct grammar and the extended meanings conveyed by some of these words. 


I+,  I+ AM  the Vine;

ye are the branches.

The one continuously  abiding

– remaining – staying – continuing – keeping on – lasting – enduring

in ME+,

 and I+ in him,

 this one bears much fruit;

 For …

( For this reason, based on evident fact )

apart from

– separated from – independent from-


 you are

 not empowered to do…

 nothing !

 +  +  +

 When this verse is read in the very literal Greek, the verse changes from a message of re-assurance to a message that should entail serious re-assessment of our walk.

 Are we DAILY ,

even hourly,

abiding in and yielding to



of ALL of our thoughts ? 

As LORD of our Words ?

… Of our actions ? 


Or rather, do we set aside His+ LORDSHIP over us…  when snarled in traffic … or when interacting with our spouse, friend, relative, or co-laborer in CHRIST ?

 A Continuous Abiding…

 The “abiding” our LORD JESUS is talking about is a  continuous  abiding.  it does not “take a break” nor is it set aside.

 If we take pains to ABIDE IN HIM+, then HE+ will most certainly abide in us.


… he that abideth in ME+,

and I+ in him,

the same bringeth forth

much fruit;

+  +  +


The Focus of Our Activities…

 Now, let us evaluate our activities. Are our activities focused on encouraging the saints and / or bringing the Kingdom of GOD to non-believers  ? 

 Is THAT our focus ?  It should be.

 Are our “good deeds” and “good works” bearing witness to JESUS in unmistakable ways ?  Or rather, are we making the effort to provide items and services in simply “humanitarian” ways… with no open witness for JESUS ? 

 So many, many BIG ministries which are doing “good deeds” hide the Name of JESUS and reach out to help humanity “for humanity’s sake.”

 Who Receives the Glory?

 Inevitably, the credit for these good deeds will go towards man… instead of towards our LORD JESUS. The glory and good name will go to the organization instead of to our LORD.


No-one is drawn



HE+ was not lifted up !


If we want the LORD to bless our efforts, we cannot by-pass an open witness for CHRIST.  That is, we do not “assume” others will somehow know the good deeds are done because we follow CHRIST.

 If we want to bear fruit, we CANNOT omit JESUS from the front lines of an OPEN witness when we participate in doing these “good deeds.”

 Otherwise, we will hear these verses ringing in our ears:

 Not every one that saith unto ME+,


shall enter into the

Kingdom of Heaven;

but he that doeth

the Will of My+ FATHER

WHO is in heaven.


Many will say to ME+ in that day,

LORD, LORD,  have we not

prophesied in Thy+ Name?

and in Thy+ Name

have cast out devils?

and in thy name

done many wonderful works?


And then will I+ profess

unto them,

I+ never knew you:

depart from ME+,

ye that work iniquity.

Matthew 7: 21-23

+  +  +


A Test to Determine His+ Will …

 Now then, here is a TEST:

 If we Christians  (as individuals or church or prayer group) donate items for a worthy cause OR we participate in another organization’s effort to help society,

 are we allowed to bear



That is, are we permitted to give in spoken word or pamphlet or tract SOME KIND of testimony about our LORD JESUS CHRIST ?  Are we permitted to share the Gospel message of Salvation from sin through our LORD JESUS CHRIST to those we meet during this activity, should the opportunity arise ?

 If an OPEN witness is not allowed ( for any multitude of reasons ), then we as Christians MAY BE in the WRONG PLACE.  We may be  involved in the wrong activity, out of the Will of The LORD.


 Being Un-equally Yoked

 More than likely, we are UN-EQUALLY yoked with others who would never lift up the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  They would hide the Name of JESUS and worse, they will require us to leave JESUS out of our activity.

 Now, we are NOT talking about pulling someone out of a submerged car or rescuing people from a burning building!

In these emergency situations we of course help out immediately to save someone’s life. In dire emergencies, The LORD may give us opportunities to witness later to that person or even our co-rescue workers.


The issue in focus here is when we yoke together with UNBELIEVERS. 

 If unbelievers

are in charge of the activity,

they will seldom permit a direct,

OPEN witness of CHRIST to go forth.


Should we participate, then, in that activity with THAT organization … which will NOT give the credit to The LORD JESUS ?

 Many humanitarian organizations we know, such as the Red Cross or United Fund,  will be glad to receive our money, our items, and our labor to help society … but they will NOT receive our LORD.

They will not allow a witness to be given to the poor. 

 Are we to agree with that ?

Is that being a godly steward of the funds, goods, and strength Our LORD has given to us?


Some ministries also give to the poor BUT HIDE THE NAME OF JESUS for either funding purposes or else to be allowed into a country  where the Gospel is NOT permitted to be shared… although goods, services, and money will all be gladly received. 

 Are we to agree to that ?


I+,  I+ AM  the Vine;

ye are the branches.

 The one continuously  abiding

in ME+,

 and I+ in him,

 this one bears much fruit;

 For apart from ME+,

 you are not empowered to do…

 nothing !

 +  +  +


How can we, as Christians, agree to do ANYTHING APART from JESUS ?

 You see, they will gladly receive our money, goods, and time … but they will NOT receive Our LORD.  They will NOT ALLOW us to minister to the poor the Salvation message, either. 

 If the DOOR is shut in Our LORD’S face, should it be a door we wish to enter ?

 We had better make sure it is His+ Will for us to enter a door where the Name of JESUS is to be left outside !

 HE+ said, “APART FROM ME+, ye can do nothing.” 

 Yes, we Christians DO MINISTER to the poor and needy around us, keeping the words of CHRIST in Matthew 25.

 But we “Take the Name of JESUS with us” when we minister.

 That is what separates us

from the nations of the goats.


For I+ was an hungred, and ye gave ME+ meat: I+ was thirsty, and ye gave ME+ drink: I+ was a stranger, and ye took ME+ in: Naked, and ye clothed ME+: I+ was sick, and ye visited ME+: I+ was in prison, and ye came unto ME+.


Then shall the righteous answer HIM+, saying, LORD, when saw we YOU+ an hungred, and fed YOU+? or thirsty, and gave YOU+ drink?


When saw we YOU+ a stranger, and took YOU+ in? or naked, and clothed YOU+?


Or when saw we YOU+ sick, or in prison, and came unto YOU+?


And the KING+ shall answer and say unto them,


Verily I+ say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these MY+ Brethren, ye have done it unto ME+.


Then shall HE+ say also unto them

 ( the goats ) on the left hand,


Depart from ME+,

ye cursed,

into everlasting fire,

prepared for the devil and his angels:


Matthew 25:35-41


+  +  +

Glory be to The FATHER,

WHO created us

And to HIS Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST ,

Who+ saves us

And to the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,

Who sanctifies us. 

+  +  +




4 thoughts on “Apart From ME+ …

    • Dear Samson7able… Yes indeed, there is NO other Name to be glorified ! We individuals and organizations miss-step badly when we TRY to lift ourselves or our organizations up above Scriptures ( thinking we know better than Scriptures ) … above the Name+ Above all names.

      HE+ said, “If I+ be lifted up, I+ will draw ALL MEN unto ME+.”

      Our LORD will not draw all men unto Himself+, however, if we are engaged in lifting up ourselves … or our organizations.

      May The LORD JESUS CHRIST receive all the credit and glory for EVERY GOOD DEED done by Christians. That is when you can trust that His+ Anointing will rest upon those GOOD WORKS.

      JESUS said, in Matthew 5:16…

      ” Let your light SO SHINE before men, that they may see YOUR good works, and GLORIFY YOUR FATHER which is in heaven. ”

      If Our FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN is not being glorified by what we do as “good works” and the glory and credit is going to human beings and their organizations… then something is very wrong with those “good works” … even though they may indeed minister to the poor.

      May JESUS CHRIST be magnified, glorified, and lifted up forever !

  1. I don’t think there was not one stone left unturned in this article to teach us the importance of surrendering unto the one who died for us! Great article written. As I read if we do good that others may know it is for Christ and they wouldn’t ……. it reminds me of the passage though the wicked be shown righteousness it will not turn them from their evil. Our choices while we live are so important, and we truly do have to LOSE OUR LIFE TO SAVE IT…. something people have a hard time doing, but is the only way to spend eternity in heaven. God Bless all you do to show forth the power of the one who has called you.

  2. Dear Julia, dear Sister… Thank you for such encouragement. Yes, some Christian organizations do “good works”… but hide the Name of JESUS ! They simply do not want to “hurt” their organization or endanger their out-reach if it were publicly known that they were doing this for CHRIST.

    They do not want to LOSE their rights to go into some countries or minister to the poor if they take the Name of JESUS with them. They would rather save their organization and not hinder doing THEIR OWN WILL !

    Years ago I remember seeing farmers sending gunny sacks full of grain to needy ones, with this stamped in big RED LETTERS on each gunny sack: JESUS IS LORD.

    The news reports showed the farmers, in work over-alls and caps, loading these huge bags of grain onto trucks for the needy… and happily smiling as they did this IN THE NAME OF JESUS. HE+ was glowing… just glowing… through their faces.

    It was delightsome and very anointed.

    Our Wills should be so closely linked to HIS+ that if HE+ is not welcomed there…. we should not be also, don’t you think ?

    Apart from JESUS, we can do nothing for the Kingdom of GOD.

    If we barge ahead in our own will, doing what we think best in order to protect us ( or our organization ) from loss or being hindered , we might very well end up hearing “Depart from ME+ …. ”

    Thank you kindly, Julia, for this response. May The LORD bless your day now.

    In JESUS Who+ alone is Life
    both here and beyond the grave…

    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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