I+ Did Not Bring You THIS Far…

… just  to  drop  you.



and know that I  AM  ELOHIM ~ 

~ the plural but united ~


+  +  +

I +  did not bring you along this far, just to drop you…. just to let you flounder,  just to let you wander along aimlessly to return to your old ways. 

I +  have a PLAN that   I+ am Working   in your life.  This divine plan is being worked out through strife and turmoil, at times. 

I+  am  taking you through these valleys for one reason:  for you to cling to ME+ ,  closer than ever before.

I+  do  not  want you to fear death.  I+  have conquered death.  I+  do not want  you to fear  life . I+ am the Life. 

Look  forward to being with ME+,  should you die.   Look  forward to being with ME+,  should you live.

Live  always   in  My+  Presence.   Live ONLY  for  ME+,  no matter what you are “doing.”  If you live for ME+  in secret,  I+  will reward you openly.

I+  will direct and guide your steps, even if you do not realize it.



Be at peace  when you walk through your  day.  Consult with ME+  about everything. Tell ME+ about it before you tell others. 

Please ME+  in the secret places of your heart.  If you do THIS, I+ will please you !  My+ Joy will remain  upon you and your joy will  be full. 


and know that I+ am ELOHIM;

I+  and My+ FATHER

are ONE.

Return to ME+  in  STILLNESS  as soon as you can,  in your day.  Do NOT go from chore to chore.  One chore begets another.  STOP your  Self.  Settle.

Come and be still before ME+ and know  that I am ELOHIM. 

I+  am Jehovah-Jirah, your Provider. 

I+ know what you need. 

It is STILLNESS with ME+.  


Come now.

+  +  +





2 thoughts on “I+ Did Not Bring You THIS Far…

  1. This article says it all! What is most important, yet many do not take it literally, and that is to rely solely on God who truly is our life. God bless your work in Him.

  2. Thank you, dear Julia. How I appreciate your comments ! I am finding so many Christians in the slough of despair, from time to time, especially when things take a turn for the worse.

    The LORD, however, is PRESENT through all these insurmountable difficulties afflicting us. HE+ knows exactly HOW to lead us through the valleys… where the places of rest and safety are, for our souls.

    May we all CLING to JESUS more and more, as the Day of testing approaches. HE+ will see us through it all.

    In Christian love to you dear sister,
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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