Wisdom Not to Waste Our Trials





Embracing HOPE  yet ?


If we will embrace this Scripture , James 1:2-5  brings us all a firm hope.


This HOPE is so FIRM that it will hold our feet on a SOLID FOUNDATION and sustain us through all the shaking trials we face.  


This firm HOPE, however, is developed in Christians ONLY in the MIDST of our trials.  Non-Christians are not partakers of this HOPE … although they are most certainly partakers of great trials.


What is this strange HOPE promised… a HOPE the world cannot receive ?


James, a servant of GOD


to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.


My brethren,

count it all JOY


when ye fall into


divers  (various )  temptations


[ i.e, provings of our character

–testing what is inside of us] ;


Knowing this,

that the trying of your faith




( i.e., manufactures Spiritual endurance ,

according to Charles Van der Pool’s APOSTOLIC BIBLE, Greek Interlinear)



But let patience have her perfect work,

that ye may be perfect and entire,

wanting nothing.


If any of you

lack WISDOM,


let him ask of GOD,

WHO gives

to all men liberally,

and upbraideth not;

and it shall be given him.



We Christians have this strange HOPE  of coming out of all of our trials wiser, stronger, and victorious. This is true whether the trials are great or little.  


Through our great trials, we are made fit for the Kingdom of GOD.  We are trained … in reality, pruned … to bear fruit that will be acceptable unto The LORD.


Embracing the Crucible Chosen by the LORD for us, we become sanctified as we make our lives a Holy vessel.


I beseech you therefore, brethren,

by the mercies of GOD,


that ye present










unto GOD,


which is your


REASONABLE ( ! ) service.


Romans 12:1


+  +  +


Embracing great trials, we learn how to reduce Self  to the point  that the  blessed HOLY SPIRIT  is able to flow unhindered through us to others.



Through our little trials — those vexing ones, those that occur over and over again in our daily routine — The LORD reveals the weaknesses in our character. 


Those little trials are the mirrors of our souls. By them, we can see our inner man.  They carry with them the UNIQUE function to reveal the weak spots , the out-of-line values, the un-CHRIST-like attitudes which HE+ wills to change.


When we honestly evaluate our reactions IN THE LIGHT OF THE WORD of GOD …


the True Mirror+  reflects the discrepancy

in who we ARE

… versus who we THINK we are. 

Those discrepancies are not pretty.  Likely, others have seen them for a long, long time.


These  particular  “little” trials operate like a burr under the saddle.  They pierce, scratch, and irritate until those weaknesses, worldly values, and bad attitudes are revealed to our own hearts and removed


Inner honesty about one’s character, then repentance, all the while calling upon The LORD to help eradicate those ” burrs “,  function as a daily cleansing routine. 


Plus, The LORD is pleased with our submitting our character to HIS+ Character.  Thus, HE+ sends His+ JOY to rest upon us.   



Wisdom develops as we EMBRACE our trials  as something  allowed from The LORD . They are allowed to enter our lives to change us. Trials receive our undivided attention and our focus changes. The greater the trial, the more we focus on CHRIST.      


Many of the great trials are not anything human beings would be able to choose of themselves.  We humans cannot choose the death of our child or loved one.  We cannot  choose bodily injury. We would not choose torture nor imprisonment nor concentration camps. From these trials we naturally flee.


Wisdom comes through trials.  But we do NOT receive GOD’S wisdom simply by “putting up” with the trials  , kicking and screaming about the injustice of them .


[ Some, indeed, are VERY unjust. Some are brought about by the negligence or evil of others.  Some are brought about by physical accidents that are no-one’s particular fault.


However,  MOST trials are brought about by our own hand. We walk in the ways of the world or choose things for our flesh… perhaps in ignorance… but still, they are of our own choosing, and alas, we are saddled with the consequences of our choices. ]



And be not conformed to this world:

but be ye transformed by


the renewing of your mind,


that ye may prove what is that good, and

acceptable, and perfect,

Will of GOD.

Romans 12:2


+  +  +


In walking with the LORD JESUS through our trials, we learn how to wait for His+ Anointing.




This is the WISDOM we are lacking before HE+ allows our particular trials to come our way.


Our dear Heavenly FATHER gives to each of us the trials we NEED to obtain wisdom from GOD.

Then Our Heavenly FATHER gives us the WISDOM we need in the midst of our trials … if we embrace the trials as “sent by GOD” to refine us. 


We instantly turn our hearts toward HIM+ in the face of the ugliness and heart-ache and injury coming our way.  Our FATHER is right there, speaking to us, guiding our hearts, and sending us Divine Help from HIS sanctuary.


We make HIM+ an offering of our wounds and hurts. 

HE+ showed us how to do that,

as HE+ made an offering of HIS+

to HIS+ Heavenly  FATHER.  


However, fear will try to block our hearing, so we must be on guard during trials and testings. HE+ always GUIDES US THROUGH. The dark is as light to  The LORD; HE+ can see through it.  


If the spirit of fear opens its tormenting mouth, we must rebuke it in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Then we must call upon JESUS as LORD of our lives to lift the attack of fear away from us.  HE+ will do it.


Yes, THROUGH it all, we learn to trust in JESUS.  We learn to submit our flawed character to His+ Perfect Character. We learn how to patiently endure for the glory of His+ Name, for the JOY that is set before us.  We learn how to walk towards VICTORY in the midst of grievous trials. 

We change.


And we know that

all things

work together for good


to them that  LOVE GOD,


to them who are the called

according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 

+  +  +







One thought on “Wisdom Not to Waste Our Trials

  1. To Marcus Ampe, Guestwriter …

    Sir, you are setting yourself up for extreme deception and Eternal Destruction.

    JESUS said, ” I+ AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE; no-one comes to The FATHER except through ME+. ”

    There are not “many religions” leading to Heaven and Eternal Life. That is a satanic lie. ALL RELIGIONS lead one into HELL and Eternal death … except one and that ONE is through the Messiah, JESUS / Y’SHUA+. THE JEWISH MESSIAH is the ONLY source OF ETERNAL SALVATION for all who come to HIM+.

    I did not publish your comment because this website is not to be a platform for false teachers to lead people into the way of DEATH. “There is a way that seems right unto man, but the END of that way is DEATH.”. The path you are now on and espousing IS the way of death.

    I urge you , with ALL HASTE, to Repent and turn to the ONLY ONE+ Who+ can give you Eternal life and peace. The illusion that all is well and you are OK is broken by Death. Do not allow your pride to condemn you to Eternal separation from from The Eternal GOD Who made you and everything else. Satan is a LIAR. Do not let him deceive you any further.

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