THORNS in the Flesh



2 CORINTHIANS 12:8 – 10

 For this thing I besought

the LORD thrice,

that it might depart from me.


 And HE+ said unto me,

My+ grace is sufficient for thee:


for MY+ strength

is made perfect in weakness.


Most gladly

therefore will I rather glory

in my infirmities,


that the POWER of CHRIST

may rest upon me.

 Therefore I take pleasure

in infirmities, in reproaches,

in necessities,

in persecutions, in distresses

 for CHRIST’S sake:

for when I am weak,

then am I strong.

 +  +  +


HE+ does not give His+ Strength to the strong. The LORD JESUS CHRIST does NOT share His+ Throne with the powerful … but rather, with the weak, humble Vessels of His+ Choosing.


If we have infirmities, chronic health conditions that simply will NOT leave our lives, then we give thanks to The LORD. 


We discipline our mind to take “pleasure”  in being handicapped ?  NO. 

But rather ,

our pleasure

is in being His+ chosen Vessel,

curtailed in body



With all the thanksgiving we are capable of giving, we draw closer and closer to HIM+ in our weakness, and thus, experience the POWER of His+ Divine Presence. 


However, if we grumble and complain, it makes our pathway harder.  HE+, remember, has allowed this infirmity in our lives. 


Thus, if our prayers for healing have not yet been answered, we accept HIS+ Pathway as His+ Will for our current season of life


If we do not accept it in CHRIST, we not only lose our peace in CHRIST, but we have moved away from the Still Waters where HE+ is leading us to refresh our SOUL. We lose His+ refreshment so promised and so sustaining in the midst of hardness.


Do we take pleasure in REPROACHES ? 



We do not. Reproaches hurt. They are usually unfair. But, if we are reproached for the Sake of CHRIST and

bear it like JESUS HIMSELF+

bore His+ reproaches,





We  submit to that valuable lesson of turning the other check.  We are exercised in going the second mile. And, we glory in returning GOOD for evil.  Every time.


Oh, how CHRIST JESUS loves to be near such a humble follower !  His+ glory will shine in our hearts, when we learn these lessons in the midst of ugly reproaches.


Do we take pleasure in necessities? 

 Or rather, do we whine about them? 


Let the SUPPLY of CHRIST meet our needs, asking HIM+ humbly, casting our care upon the ONE+ Who+ cares for us. 


When faced with a necessity, we should cast about in our heart, to see if anything is “out of order” in our lives… not only in our finances. 


Oftentimes, CHRIST JESUS uses necessities to make us pay attention and seek His+ face about some direction, some pathway we are on … that is not His+ will. 


So, we must give thanks for these necessities, draw close to CHRIST JESUS,  and ask HIM+ to reveal what we should do to meet the need and WHAT MIGHT BE THE HIDDEN NEEDS in our lives.


How do we take pleasure in persecutions ? 


 We simply re-focus our eyes on The LORD JESUS and the Cross that HE+ bore to deliver us. We thank HIM+ for walking that painful valley before us.


We focus, focus on HIM+.  The power of His+ SPIRIT will rest upon us at that time. That closeness to CHRIST

… being His+ companion in suffering …  is what we take pleasure in. 


Taking pleasure in distresses of every and any sort can ONLY be accomplished if we are abiding in CHRIST, staying ourselves upon the True Vine+. 


We endure the suffering, the sadness, the disappointments and place them in CHRIST’S most capable hands. 




HE+ will direct our thoughts and our hands in what we should do in this distress.  Most often, our hands will be directed to be folded in prayer … and then  TO LIFT the burden up unto HIM+.  HE+ will carry us as HE+ carries our burden of distress. 


What if things do not change ? 

 Truly, the situation may not change… but we will !  We will be kept in perfect peace, if our mind is stayed … nothing shaken … upon HIM+.

And we know, that ALL THINGS work together for our GOOD, if our mind is STAYED upon CHRIST.



YOU+ take away the sin of the world,

have mercy upon us.



YOU+ take away the sin of the world,

have mercy upon us. 




YOU+ take away the sin of the world,

Grant us Thy+ Peace.


+  +  + 



2 thoughts on “THORNS in the Flesh

  1. Jesus never went through life complaining why is this happening to me when people hated the message He delivered from His Father,NO He knew it was not only for His good but also for those who heard His message! As written Christ suffered to enter into glory,and as His followers we too must take up our cross daily,for those who are in Christ will suffer persecution.Your message gives hope to those who can truly see that even in the weakness of the flesh,the strength of God shines through.Thank you for this needful writing Dear Sister.God Bless You.

  2. Dear Julia,

    Bless GOD! Thank you for this comment.

    Oh, if we could only realize that our weaknesses — all of them, of every sort — can be SANCTIFIED and USED to draw us closer to CHRIST JESUS.


    That “wasting” comes from us, from our own selves… as we expend our energies in being angry, resentful, bitter, and full of self-pity.

    That wasting of our trials DOES NOT COME FROM THE LORD ! HE+ does NOT WASTE one thing that our flesh goes through. HE+ will SANCTIFY each and every trial — big or small — if we only submit our Self unto His+ Mighty Hand and ask:


    You see, HE+ can etch these lessons on our heart which CHANGE US, when we submit to His+ Hand as we go through rough experiences.

    HE+ draws near to the HUMBLE. HE+ allows the proud to go on without His+ Presence.

    May we NEVER WASTE a trial, an infirmity, but allow The LORD TO SANCTIFY each one of them with His+ Presence, as we await HIM+ in humble submission.

    Glory, glory to The LORD JESUS CHRIST !

    Thank you again for your interest and comment, dear sister in CHRIST.

    May the LORD BLESS your day.

    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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