JESUS Wept… 

is written such

when sorrow much at Death prevails,

holding all in gloom-filled tomb;

no end in sight for Sorrow’s Might

when Death destroys a loved one.

JESUS Wept… 

Scriptures said, 

when  tears o’r-flowed from family. 

Neighbors came a-weeping,

as Death untamed

laid its Claim for keeping.     

Yes, JESUS Wept…

Seeing Death affect the Living,

curse in sway sweeps life away,

destroying all it touches .

JESUS Wept… 

but swept aside His+ Veil of Flesh

and earthly fears with groans,

unheard His+ moans

by fleshly, human ears.    

Then JESUS  Lifted

… not the stone…

but the Tone

of Command.


There HE+ met the curse head-first: 


LAZARUS ! Here ! Outside !

HE+ cried.

This time… with no tears!





2 thoughts on “JESUS Wept…

  1. The shortest passage given,yet gives tremedous hope for all mankind that Jesus truly does understand our shortcomings and sorrow of heart.God Bless you for this much needed reminder for us all.

    • Yes, dear Julia. HIS+ hope beyond death’s door is the ONLY HOPE given to mankind after death. I ponder HOW does anyone face the death of a loved one without JESUS ?

      When I fell into mourning about my Uncle, The LORD broke through my thoughts and said, ” He will rise again.”

      Just like Lazarus, my Uncle will rise in his glorified body at the Last Trumpet !

      Just like Lazarus, my Uncle’s dust does not contain him; he is alive and well with The LORD in spirit and soul.

      Just like Lazarus, my Uncle who followed JESUS , will NOT be hurt by the Second Death and will NOT spend Eternity in the burning Lake of Fire .

      Yes, I miss him and can hardly believe he is so quickly removed into that Continuing City whose Builder and Maker is GOD and , thus, I cannot hear from him now.

      BUT I REJOICE because someday soon, I WILL HEAR from Uncle Karl ! And I will hear him singing the praises of his Redeemer+, The LORD JESUS CHRIST ! Amen and amen.

      Thank you for your goodly response, dear friend. May The LORD bless your day now.

      In JESUS WHO+ alone is Life,
      both here and beyond the grave…

      Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

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