THWARTING satan’s Plans

 Suffer the Little Children to come unto ME+,

JESUS said.



Zachariah and Ibrahim, photo courtesy of Voice of the Persecuted via

A prayer for a Persecuted Christian Family in Nigeria

Posted: Year of Our LORD, 9.30.2016,

by Voice of the Persecuted



 A synopsis:

Rebecca,  a Christian mother who had been violated by the brutal, demonized muslims, and the Baby of her Violation  are both urgently in need of prayer.


The Christian mother’s rightful husband’s child, a one-year-old little boy, was drowned by the muslim men who attacked her city. Her husband, Bitrus, was carrying the one-year-old as they were running from their city into the bush.


Rebecca knew there was no chance of survival for her husband: the muslims killed all the Christian men they could find. Bravely, Rebecca insisted Bitrus leave the one-year-old with her and their other little boy so Bitrus could out-run the muslim attackers.


A moment of agony … but Bitrus knew he would be unable to protect his wife and two sons if he remained with them; it would be futile.


So Bitrus left them and ran into the bush. 


The muslim attackers captured Rebecca and the boys, but Bitrus they never found. They massacred all the other men they found from the city.


They beat Rebecca so brutally that she lost the baby she was carrying in the womb from her rightful husband.  Then, the one-year-old son was drowned in retaliation when Rebecca would not lay with the muslim men. Thankfully, her (now) 6-year-old son survived the horrors of their captivity.


After two years of hard labor and slavery in the muslim camp, Rebecca was branded and given to another muslim man and then to another one. She was forcefully violated when she refused to lay with the men. She bore a son of her violation, giving birth in isolation, with no one to help her.


She finally escaped. She returned “home”  after two years of this brutal treatment with her 6-year-old son, Zachariah, and the son of her violation, Ibrahim.


And now, the REAL NIGHTMARE has begun for her. 


Although SHE was the one violated, those about her treat HER as “unclean”  now.  Her husband — in inner conflict for abandoning his family to save his life — cannot accept the baby of her violation.


Rebecca lost one little son and a babe in the womb, children of her rightful husband. Now, she is about to lose the husband that she bravely saved. 


The satan must be thwarted ! 


Let us join our hearts together and pray:



in the Name of Thy Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST,

we cry out to THEE+

to deliver this tiny family from satan’s plan

to destroy their lives.


We pray


to be a shield and buckler round about them.



we ask that the lies of satan

will be bound that are afflicting

Bitrus, Rebecca, and the boys.


Cleanse Bitrus of bitterness

and his natural shame,

by The BLOOD of JESUS. 


Give Bitrus strength

to forgive the demonized men

who violated his wife,

slew his son and babe in the womb,

and brought such devastation into their lives.


Help Bitrus to bring

his agony of conflict to the Cross.


Heal his manhood.

Plant Your+ love for Rebecca

in him once again, 

and renew Your+ life within him.


Cleanse Rebecca, O LORD,

by Thy+ precious BLOOD,

from any guilt over the death

of her one-year-old baby boy.



Heal her of sorrow for his death

and the death of her husband’s babe in the womb. 


Grant her super-natural strength

to forgive the demonized muslim men

for their brutality

and for destroying her marriage

and her person.


Heal her heart and body.

Renew Your+ Spirit within her.


We pray for Zachariah,

the son who saw the horrors continue for two years.

We ask that his memories be cleansed

and his innocence of childhood returned.


We pray that his young heart will turn


Who+ saw fit to keep him and his mother alive

in spite of the brutality of men. 


May Zachariah grow to be valiant for CHRIST.

Let not fear nor wicked spirits

to ruin his young life, O LORD.


And LORD, we bring before Thy+ Heart

the very young child Ibrahim

whom nobody wants

… the one who reminds them all of pain and shame.



We ask for Thy+ compassion

to surround this un-wanted little boy.


O JESUS, THOU+ Who+ beckons

all the little children to ” Come unto ME+” ,

lead this unwanted child unto THEE+

at a very early age.


Block by Thy+ power all wicked spirits

hovering about Ibrihim,

trying to claim his life for demon “allah.”


We know YOU+ want him to be Yours+

because YOU+ permitted his birth.


O Gracious LORD,

plant in Rebecca and in Bitrus love for this child…

a child who did not ask to be born

into this world nor into their family. 


But YOU+ , O LORD,

saw fit to plant Ibrahim into their midst…

for Your+ purposes, O CHRIST. 


Help them to treasure his little life just like YOU+ treasure their two little ones who are now with THEE+. 


Help them to thwart the satan’s plan to destroy their lives through Ibrahim … and to destroy Ibrahim along with them.


And GRANT us , O LORD CHRIST,  all the authority that The BLOOD of CHRIST gives us ….to bind both now and forever the spirits of bitterness, hate, killing, revenge, and all family spirits, that are hindering this family from healing and re-knitting themselves to one another. 


By all the authority that the Name of JESUS CHRIST gives us, we bind in those muslim attackers of Rebecca and her city, all the wicked spirits connected to islam, to allah, the demons of killing and hate, that are ruining the lives of the attackers and their victims.



We pray the conviction of sin to fall upon each and every muslim man — from the remote planners to the present attackers and violators —  who destroyed Rebecca’s city, her children, her person, and her family.


LORD, grant that they will repent before they too fall victim to the satan’s plan to destroy human life in the lake of fire.


Move according to Thy+ Will and Power in the lives of these persecuted ones and in the lives of their persecutors alike, ’til all will say on bended knee :



to the Glory of GOD the FATHER.


+  +  +


Worthy is the LAMB+ !


Worthy is the LAMB+

that was slain


to receive power, and riches,

and wisdom, and strength,

and honor, and glory,

and blessing.


THOU+ art  worthy, O LORD,

to receive glory and honor and power:

for THOU+ has created all things,

and for Thy+ pleasure

they are and were








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