The LAW+ of the Blind



The LAW+ Incarnate

 … Versus …

[ “Now I’m saved; I can sin all I want to.” ]


+  +  +

Thou shalt not curse the deaf,

nor put a stumblingblock before the blind,

but shalt fear thy GOD:

I am the LORD.

Leviticus 19:14.

+  +  +

Leviticus, the Book of the Law, shows us CHRIST / M’SHIKHA+, the LAW INCARNATE+. We all know the righteousness written in The Law of Moses:  we are NOT to put a stumbling block before a blind person. 

 He cannot see it. He will hurt himself and would be helpless to keep from it. It is hurtful ENOUGH to be blind; he does not need yet another hurt in his life.  The blind are helpless to protect themselves in this world.   

If we do such a thing, The LORD will look upon us as a great transgressor of HIS Law. In other words, the Law of not putting a stumbling block before the blind cannot be broken; it stands forever, for everyone. It is unchanging and universally applicable. 

 How do we know that ?

 Undoubtedly and regardless of our great position in life, The LORD will see to it that an UNFORESEEABLE stumbling happens unto us, should we break this UNBREAKABLE, Divine Law. 

There is another Divine Law that operates …

… also immutable and universally applicable regardless of who we are or where we live or what culture we inhabit: 

the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

If we make the blind to stumble, the Law of Sowing and Reaping will go into operation. This LAW  will bring an unforeseen stumbling upon us that will hurt us. It is a LAW that is UNBREAKABLE. Humans simply do not have the ability to AVOID the APPLICATION of this Divine Law…. no matter who they are, rich or poor, nor bond or free, and regardless of customs or culture. 

 +  +  +

 Now then, there are OTHER applications of this Law of the Blind found in Leviticus 19: 14, and the New Testament is full of them. Here is one of them.

  But [ we ] have renounced

the hidden things of dishonesty,

not walking in craftiness,

nor handling the Word of GOD deceitfully;


but by manifestation of the Truth

commending ourselves

to every man’s conscience

in the sight of GOD.


But if our Gospel be hid,

it is hid to them that are lost:


In whom the God of this world

hath blinded the minds

of them which believe not,

 lest the Light

of the Glorious Gospel of CHRIST/ the M’SHIKHA+,

Who+ is the image of GOD,

should shine unto them.


2 Corinthians 4: 2-4

+  +  +

Are we so living…

 that the spiritually blind ones may see The LORD ?

 Yes, there are WAYS to shine the Light of CHRIST / the M’SHIKHA+ into dark, blinded souls.  Scripture tells us they are blinded by “the god of this world.” 

 But, when The Light+ of CHRIST / the M’SHIKHA+ shines, the darkness comprehends it NOT ! The tiniest match lit in the darkest cave SHINES !  All can see it.

Usually, to bring forth the Light+ of CHRIST to the “blind” requires us to go to the Cross. When we take our Selves to the Cross — dying to Self, living for CHRIST JESUS — in the normal duties of life, the DEAD and DYING worldlings do something:  they notice

 They NOTICE someone who is NOT running with the crowd, using filthy language, living an unholy life-style.  They notice someone who is wearing a Christian habit.  They notice someone who is reading The Word instead of an “unclean” magazine on the plane. 

 The spiritually blind notice someone who is separating himself to remain CLEAN.  They notice someone who will not “take a drink” of alcohol. They even notice someone who is eating “kosher” food !


For blind ones, they “see” quite a lot, don’t they ? 


Are we putting a stumbling block

before the eyes

of the spiritually-blinded ones

by our own, comfortable, blended-in,

worldly life-style ?


Are we putting a stumbling block

before the eyes

of the spiritually-blinded ones

by our behavior,

our foolish jesting

or harshness of spirit when shopping

or complaining spirit,

when in public ?

When we raise our children ( and grand-children), are we putting a stumbling block to CHRIST before their dear…but blind …little eyes?

 Are we outward Christians … until the dinner is not cooked right or on time ? Do we pout or throw muted “fits” of anger  when things break or do not go our way, at home ?

Let us, therefore, take heed.

 Our LORD is the LAW+ , made flesh and blood, made in the likeness of men.  HE+ is the LAW INCARNATE +.  The ELOHIM does not destroy HIS Law; HE+ fulfills it.

 Our LORD expands the Law, moving it from merely outward observance to INWARD APPLICATION.  And, that application is always of a Spiritual nature … an application of the heart.

 His+ Divine Laws are immutable

… just like HE+ is.

+  +  +

Let us pray:

 Dear Heavenly FATHER,


Hallowed be Thy Name, O HOLY FATHER, and the Name of Thy HOLY SON+ , The LORD JESUS / Y’SHU+ the M’SHIKHA+. 

 I thank THEE+ for Thy Law, for giving forth the Divine Standard of Right, for teaching me what is wrong, and that Thy Standard does not change.

 Forgive me for making the spiritually blinded ones to stumble.

I should have been a Light+ to them. Forgive me for dropping my witness to the blind, that Silent Witness that requires a change of attitude and behavior to bring myself in line with THEE+, O LORD JESUS / Y’SHU+ , and with Thy+ Cross.

 Help me to change, to pick up my Cross daily, so that even without a word spoken, I reflect Thy+ Light, that Light+ which the darkest of soul cannot refuse to see… whether he turns or not. 

 +  +  +

 In the Name of The FATHER,

Who created us;


Who+ saves us;

And The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT

Who sanctifies us.

+  +  +


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