The Law of the Deaf, as Established by The LAW+ INCARNATE

love-for-torahOh, how I love Thy LAW+ !


The LAW+ Incarnate

… Versus …

[ “Now I’m saved; I can sin all I want to.” ]


+  +  +

Thou shalt not

curse the deaf,

nor put a stumblingblock 

before the blind,

but shalt fear thy GOD:

I am the LORD.

Leviticus 19:14.

+  +  +

The deaf cannot hear if we curse them. They cannot take heed and hide themselves from the verbal attack.

They cannot defend themselves. They do not even realize they are being cursed and mocked. They are defenseless, humanly speaking.

HE that planted the ear,

shall HE not hear?

HE that formed the eye,

shall HE not see?

Psalm 94:9

There is ANOTHER ONE+ — the DEFENDER+ of the Weak and Helpless — Who+ does hear those curses and reacts with Great Displeasure toward those who curse the deaf.

HE+ shows His+ great displeasure toward those who curse the deaf like this: HE+ turns a Divine Deaf Ear towards them.

When trouble arises, when sickness and disease descend, when the woes of this world arrive with a vengeance… the Divine Ear becomes Unhearing.

Just like His+ Word was “un-heard” and UN-HEEDED, the Divine Ear now cannot SEEM to hear, either, for those who curse the deaf.

Cry though they might, those who cursed the deaf cursed the wrong one , for Our LORD took those curses as though they were flung at HIMSELF+.

 HE+ was the ONE+ offended !

If no-one ELSE 

heard the curses,


Furthermore …

HE+ hears the curses

of our hearts…


if they do not pass

through our lips.

The LAW+ Incarnate “hears” all of our curses against the deaf… and our secret curses against those who hinder us or block our plans.

The Law of Scripture, The LAW+ Incarnate, teaches us to protect the handicapped, the weak, and the helpless. Those who have no power to protect themselves. 

This Divine Law is, again, a Universal Law that is applicable to ALL of mankind, regardless of culture , country, or creed.

This Divine Law to protect the Deaf, Blind, Weak and Helpless, is UNBREAKABLE. That is, if we transgress it,

then WE are broken,

for HIS  Law STANDS. 

It is immutable, unchangeable. It is established by Divine Decree.

IF WE DO NOT abide by that DIVINE, Universal Law, then the Defender+ of the Weak and Helpless sees to it that we will become weak and helpless, in some very uncomfortable ways sooner or later. No matter who we are.

This is one of those Divine “Promises” … that no-one wants to claim.

It follows the Divine Law of Sowing and Reaping. And this Divine Law is also applicable to every person regardless of country, kindred, or creed.

HE+ cannot keep Himself+

from bringing Divine Justice to bear.


Because HE+

is the LAW+ Incarnate.


O, How I LOVE Thy LAW+ !

+ + +

Let us pray:

Dear Heavenly FATHER,

Hallowed be Thy Name, O HOLY FATHER, and the Name of Thy HOLY SON+ ,  our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I thank THEE+ for Thy Law, for giving forth the Divine Standard of Right, for teaching me what is wrong, and that Thy Standard does not change.

O HOLY FATHER, THOU Who heareth all and seeth all the curses I have had in my heart, I humble myself under Thy Divine LAW+, The LAW+ INCARNATE.

I have not cursed the deaf, but LORD, YOU+ know I have cursed at others in my heart … in traffic, on the job, when shopping, or trying to park the car in a crowded lot … and no-one heard me. ( Not many, anyhow.)

I have cursed those who hindered my program, as well as cursed those who hurt me. I did not bless my enemies, but cursed them.  

No, they did not hear me. No-one did, for the curses did not pass out of my lips; they were only in my heart and mind … so I thought I was okay.

I was wrong and deceitful before YOU+. My heart is dreadfully wicked; who can know it ? YOU+ can … and do.

Cleanse the thoughts of my heart, and teach me to perfectly please THEE+ and worthily magnify Thy HOLY NAME, through CHRIST our LORD . Amen.

+ + +

In the Name of The FATHER,

Who created us;


Who+ saves us;

And The Blessed 


Who sanctifies us.

+ + +


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