Binding the Sacrifice with Cords unto the Altar…


CHRIST our Passover+

is sacrificed for us;

therefore, let us keep the feast.

not with old leaven,

neither with the leaven

of malice and wickedness;

but with the unleavened bread

of purity (Gk) and truth.

1 Corinthians 5:7,8

+  +  +

The LORD JESUS CHRIST’S triumphal entry into Jerusalem — the first one — was over.  The Temple of GOD was cleansed.

Now laid before HIM+ was the bleak business of Binding the Sacrifice unto the horns of the altar, the task for which HE+ had been preparing HIMSELF+ since HE+ had been born among men.

GOD is the LORD,

Which hath shewed us light:

bind the sacrifice with cords,

even unto the horns of the altar.

Psalm 118:27

BIND:  from Strong’s Concordance {631}; — ‘acar, aw-sar’; a primitive root; to yoke or hitch; by analogy, to fasten in any sense, to join battle: — bind, fast, gird, harness, hold, keep, make ready, order, prepare, prison(-er), put in bonds, set in array, tie.

And they came to the place

which GOD had told him of;

and Abraham built an altar there,

and laid the wood in order,

and bound Isaac his son,

and laid him on the altar

upon the wood.

Genesis 22:9

+  +  +


BOUND:  from Strong’s Concordance {6123}`aqad, aw-kad’; a primitive root; to tie with thongs: — bind.

Here we see the prophetic fore-runner of the Sacrifice of the LAMB+ of GOD.  Abraham’s obedient preparations to sacrifice Isaac, his son, his only-PROMISED and greatly-beloved son, shows us that.


We are thankful that The LORD GOD did not require this sacrifice from Abraham’s hand… and that HE does not require this of us.  HE provided Abraham a ram in the thicket and an angel to tell him the obedience in his heart was received as “acceptable” to GOD.  


 How was this prophetic Scripture

fulfilled in CHRIST ?


Were there ropes which tied

and bound our LORD to The Altar

… the altar of the Cross ?

While walking the mile or so to Golgotha, our LORD was made to carry the crossbeam of His+ Cross. HE+ may have been tied to that crossbeam at this point for HE+ was very depleted of strength. How could HE+ hold His+ lacerated arms up to balance about an 100-pound,  rough-hewn, beam of wood?

Indeed, so depleted and weak from the cruel treatment of the soldiers and His+ scourging , Our LORD was unable to carry the crossbeam plus continue His+ walking to Golgotha.

So, the expedient soldiers snatched a traveler to carry it. Simon of Cyrene was plucked from the crowded way as Simon was simply traveling through Jerusalem from the country.

The Ropes of the Cross of JESUS

It is not so written in Scripture that there were any actual ropes or leather thongs used when they crucified Our LORD, although some Christian art would have us “see” ropes in a variety of ways in pictures of the crucifixion.


This, however, we do know for certain: His+ binding came from within His+ heart. HE+ always did the Will of His+ Heavenly FATHER. 


 JESUS saith unto them,

My meat is to do the will

of HIM that sent ME+,

and to finish HIS work.

John 4:34

+  +  +

Saying, FATHER,

if THOU be willing,

remove this cup from ME+:

nevertheless not My+ will,

but Thine, be done.

Luke 22:42 

+  +  +


The Ropes of the Cross of JESUS

Are our hearts bound to that Cross of JESUS , the cross HE+ has chosen for us to bear, following HIM+ ?

Do we have cords of love that bind us closely to His+ Will, no matter what the cost ?

Do we stand for the Truth of The LORD, as a true Servant of CHRIST?  Are we really His+ Servant, doing the Will of GOD from our hearts ?

Servants, be obedient to them

that are your masters

according to the flesh,

with fear and trembling,

in singleness of your heart,

as unto CHRIST;

Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers

but as the Servants of CHRIST,

doing the Will of GOD

from the heart;

Ephesians 6:5-6

+  +  +

Let us pray:


I acknowledge my guilt: I have sought to squirm out of doing Your+ Will.

So many times, I have taken the easy way out, not speaking Your+ Truth from the Scriptures in love, but just smiling and going on. I was not willing to pay the price. 

I have avoided the uncomfortable, the rejection and anger, which follows.

How shall I ever stand during persecution ?

Cleanse me from protecting Self.

Cleanse me from hiding Your+ Truth.

I repent.  

Bind my heart to Yours+, O LORD.

Bind my heart to do Your+ Will at all times.

Bind me to YOU+ ; I give You+ the cords of my heart, O LORD.

Thank YOU+ for being Bound to The FATHER’S Will for me… the Will that caused Your+ Crucifixion… the Will that granted me Life+ with The FATHER.

With GREAT THANKSGIVING, I offer this, my imperfect prayer, to YOU+, O CHRIST.

+  +  +

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