WHO AM I … in The Heavenly FATHER’S Eyes ?


Who am I … 

in My Heavenly FATHER’S Eyes?


My Heavenly FATHER provided for me my earthly father … so that I could be born.


 Our dear Heavenly FATHER wanted me to be born; HE wanted you to be born … or we WOULD NOT BE here… regardless of the  circumstances of our earthly birth.


He placed us  HERE, in our exact spot, for one purpose only:  to come to KNOW HIM, the Only True GOD.  


In HIS great love, HE knew that HE could take care of all the years the “locusts have eaten, ”  if we would return our hearts to HIM,  to our dear Heavenly FATHER, through HIS WONDERFUL PLAN.


There is no mess up too big, no injury too deep,  no foul-up so great that our Heavenly FATHER  cannot deal with it victoriously … for all things work together for GOOD … to those who love HIS SON+, CHRIST JESUS our LORD. 


We return unto our own , rightful place as Our Heavenly FATHER’S  child when we love HIS+ only-begotten SON+ JESUS CHRIST.

We no longer are illegitimate children; we are not outcasts, nor forsaken orphans.  We have obtained an inheritance among the Saints in LIGHT   … an inheritance that will last all through Eternity !


For each one of us, The Heavenly FATHER is truly “OUR” FATHER ! 


Who am I … 

in My Heavenly FATHER’S Eyes ?

 This is applicable for all repentant,  baptized believers in CHRIST who are walking in a  LIVING, LOVING, faithful-obedience towards Our LORD JESUS CHRIST and  a sincere charity towards man.

 No one can claim these  except those who are Alive in CHRIST / ha MASHIACH+.  This is the Heritage of those who are Born-Again-Generated from Above, by the SPIRIT, the Water, and The BLOOD.

Who am I … 

in my Heavenly FATHER’S Eyes ?


  1. I am: Loved by The FATHER because I love CHRIST JESUS, His SON+.

John 14:21


  1. I am: The Salt of the earth, by JESUS CHRIST.

Matthew 5:13


  1. I am: The Light of the world, through JESUS CHRIST.

Matthew 5:14


  1. I am: Established in CHRIST, Anointed and Sealed by GOD.

2 Corinthians 1:21-22



  1. I am: Sanctified in the Name of The LORD JESUS and by The HOLY SPIRIT.

1 Corinthians 6:11


  1. I am: Free from the Law of sin and death through HIS+ death.

Romans 8:2


  1. I am: Blessed with all Spiritual blessings in Heavenly Places in CHRIST.

Ephesians 1:3


  1. I am: Blameless and harmless.

Philippians 2:15


  1. I am: Elected of GOD.

1 Thessalonians 1:4


  • I am: Called His+ “friend.”

    John 15:15



    LET’S NOT allow the devil to rob us of these 10 great truths of WHO we are in CHRIST JESUS. We do not listen to the lies of the adversary or his minions who only come at us to steal, kill, and destroy. Use The Sword of The SPIRIT against these entities.


  • Recite these Truths in the morning devotions. 

  • Speak them into the air at noon-time meditations. 

  • Meditate upon them in evening prayer.

  • Think upon them during mid-night watches.


    LET US never, never forget WHO CHRIST made us to be, as we diligently walk with HIM+ through our day.


    Therefore, let us go forth in the Strength of The LORD !

    +  +  +


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