What are We LONGING For ?


How amiable are thy tabernacles,


My soul longeth,

yea, even fainteth

for the Courts of The LORD:


my heart and my flesh crieth out

for the LIVING GOD.


To be near JESUS,  in the courts of the LIVING GOD, is LIFE ITSELF.  That is where our loved ones are  who died  IN  CHRIST  …  and not in their sins.

Now, let us not think for one minute that “church attendance”  or being “decent citizens”  gives us a foothold in the doorway of Heaven. 

Yes, followers of JESUS are indeed decent, up-right citizens of whatever place they abide.  Yes, followers of JESUS do not forsake the assembling of themselves together. 

Now, a word about this “assembling.” 

The LORD is the ONE+ Who+ leads His+ people in this “assembling together.”  It may not look conventional. 

It may not be in a church building or structure.  But assuredly,  there must be a gathering of SOME SORT with other believers, even one or two.  In some way, in whatever fashion The LORD leads.  Even Christian hermits have some contact, some in-put, into the Body of CHRIST.   

We all need it.  We all need contact with fellow Christians. 

JESUS said:

” For where two or three

are gathered together in MY+ NAME,

there am I+

in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20

However, we do not all need “membership” cards. Nor, do we all need to punch a Sunday-Attendance time card ! 


Some of us are called to simply STRENGTHEN others in The Word, by our LOVE for CHRIST JESUS.  This can occur WHEREVER THE LORD sends us to have fellowship with others. 

HE+ will lead in this practical matter of working out “where” we assemble together with others, for His+ glory and His+ Name’s sake. 


We keep in mind that Baptisms, The LORD’S SUPPER,  Holy Matrimony, and Christian burials were all attended and performed in the Ancient Church by the ancient CHURCH … the body of believers who followed CHRIST JESUS.  

Many of us CRY OUT for right Christian fellowship. The organized religious systems are in disarray and many are in trouble with GOD. 

The FIRST place to go is always TO THE LORD HIMSELF+.  If our hearts are longing for HIM+, HE+ will  fill even the most humble soul with His+ Life.

Yea, the sparrow hath found an house,

and the swallow a nest for herself,

where she may lay her young,

even thine altars,

O LORD of HOSTS, my KING+, and my GOD.

Psalm 84: 1-3 

+  +  +


O GRACIOUS LORD JESUS, we lift our hearts to YOU+ in praise and thanksgiving that YOU+ have opened the door of Your+ Heart to us.

Help us to open our hearts to YOU+, instead of longings and yearnings after others to make us feel good about ourselves.  Help us to lay aside our “demands” that others fill the needs of our hearts.


Then, grant, LORD, that we may be ambassadors for CHRIST in this hurting, aching world and especially for Your+ hurting, aching children. 

Let us speak the Word of Your+ TRUTH  in love, according to Your+ leading and unction.

Help us to say with our whole heart: ” Hear am I, LORD JESUS; send me.” 

This we pray in the Life-Giving Name of our RISEN SAVIOR+.  Amen







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