Sanctifying Our VALLEY of WEEPING


Blessed are they that dwell in Thy House:

they will be still praising THEE. Selah.

 Blessed is the man whose strength is in THEE;

in whose heart are the ways of them.


Who passing through

the valley of Baca

make it a well;

the rain also filleth the pools.


They go from strength to strength,

every one of them in Zion

appeareth before GOD.

Psalm 84: 4-7

+  +  +

The Valley of Baca is the Valley of Weeping, in English.  A place of sorrow. A vale of tears. The grief that will not go away. 

We all are appointed to walk through that Valley of Weeping.  It is the common pathway of human life on planet earth. 

What is NOT so common, however, is where our tears go.  King David, a prophet in his own right, said,

 THOU tellest my wanderings:

put THOU my tears

into Thy bottle:

are they not in Thy Book?

 When I cry unto THEE, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for GOD is for me.

Psalm 56: 8-9


We know our prayers ascend up as INCENSE before The Throne of GOD, but do we understand that OUR TEARS are also precious to HIM+ ? 


O Dear Heavenly FATHER, I come before YOU in awe that YOU care for me. 

Dear LORD, I have not counted mine own tears, yet YOU have them all in remembrance before YOU.  How can YOU do this  ?

I give YOU thanks and praise for the love that will not let me go.

I thank YOU with my whole heart  that YOU love me when I am weak and pitiful and scared and sad. 

Thank YOU again and again, Dear FATHER, in the Name of the ONE+ Who+ shed tears and drops of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane when facing His+ cruel death. 

Help me to face life because of HIM+ Who+ loved me and washed me from my sins — yes, my sins — in His+ own Blood.

Glory be to Our HOLY Heavenly FATHER, to HIS Beloved, Eternal, and Only-Begotten SON+ JESUS CHRIST, and to the Eternal,  Blessed HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.






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