Deuteronomy 18:18

I will raise them up a PROPHET+

from among their brethren,

like unto thee (Moses),


and (I ) will put My Words

in His+ Mouth;

and HE+ shall speak unto them

all that I shall command Him+.

+  +  +

 Can we “SEE” The LORD JESUS

in Deuteronomy18 ?  


Furthermore, can we see a “kingdom of Priests” to serve Our LORD, The LORD JESUS CHRIST,  in this Old Testament passage ?


As we look at Deuteronomy 18:1-2, we  see the priests and Levites, the ENTIRE TRIBE of LEVI, have NO inheritance among their brethren in the other tribes.  

WHY is this ?

The Levite’s sole function was to take care of

the Kingdom of GOD.


Is it STILL true ?

Followers of JESUS are now become ” the kingdom of Priests” (Rev. 1:6 Gk) unto our GOD, through The LORD JESUS CHRIST.


And [ The LORD JESUS CHRIST ] hath made us kings and priests ( that is, a KINGDOM of PRIESTS, Gk) unto GOD and His+ FATHER; to HIM be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Revelation 1:6

There are no other priests on this earth that serve the Living GOD but us, the followers of JESUS CHRIST ! 

WHY did the Apostle Paul admonish Timothy, in I Tim. 6:8 ?

” And having food and raiment

let us be therewith content.”


Are we content to have only the very basics in order to have more time and resources to do The LORD’S WORK ? That is WHY The LORD provided a system to support the Levites and Priests while they worked full-time for HIM.

The CONTEXT for the Apostle’s words of admonishment to Timothy deals with being FOCUSED on making money.

Instead, The Apostle was encouraging Timothy to FOCUS on the Kingdom of GOD and His+ work. 

Death is just a heart-beat away and we can take NOTHING we have earned with us. Not one little thread.  Only what we have sent on beforehand , those treasures we have “laid up in Heaven,” do we have  awaiting us in the Heavenlies. 


Yes, we all do those necessary things to feed and clothe our family, but woe unto the Priests of GOD if that ABSORBS their focus, their priority of life or energy and thought, instead of ministering at their appointed Altar, their appointed work in the Kingdom of GOD.

Deuteronomy 18:3-4 tells us that the Priests of the Altar shall have their portion from the tithe of the people. The LORD so appointed this system so that His Priests would be free to DO HIS work, instead of their own.

Today, some say — and a few bravely apply — this wise word: “Where the LORD guides, HE+ provides.”  This is always true.  

The LORD JESUS Himself+ told us, ” Seek ye ( i.e., you all ) first the Kingdom of GOD and His+ Righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you ( you all ). Take no thought for the morrow… “ Matthew 6:33- 34 .

No, this is not an “excuse” for being lazy. It actually will be a call to labor under the DIRECT leadership of The HOLY SPIRIT and there will be nothing lazy about this, for it will demand our all. Like the Levites and Priests, we will labor day and night for His+ Kingdom.  

It is a call to set one’s work PRIORITIES in order before The LORD. When that occurs, the work for The KINGDOM will absorb our entire life… not just a portion of a few hours a week.

But, can this be true … that The LORD will supply our need if we make HIM+ and His+ Kingdom our priority in our work Life ?


John 10:35,

the LORD JESUS Himself+ told us. 

The LORD’S Word is not even CAPABLE of lying to us. His+ Word is true from the beginning

and every one of His+ Righteous Judgments endureth forever ! 

Psalm 119:160

+  +  +

Deuteronomy 18:5

For the LORD thy GOD

hath chosen him ( Levi ) out of all thy tribes,

to stand to minister in the name of the LORD,

him and his sons for ever.

+  +  +


The reason the Priests, the Levites, were not to “entangle themselves with the affairs of this life,” was because they were already spoken for, already dedicated to the Kingdom’s work.  Thus, The LORD provided them “rental” property free of charge in the Levites cities and “suburbs”, but they did not own any property; it all belonged to GOD.

In the eyes of The LORD, it was a FULL-TIME RESPONSIBILITY for them to stand and minister in the name of The LORD. Thus, the LORD provided for their sustenance as they did HIS Work.

Keep in mind, all of us , all of us followers of JESUS, now are these Levites, a kingdom of Priests, which stand and serve our LORD .

+  +  +

Deuteronomy 18:15

The LORD thy GOD will raise up unto thee

a PROPHET+ from the midst of thee,

of thy brethren, like unto me (Moses);

unto HIM+ ye shall hearken;

( At least 4 prophecies in this verse

were fulfilled in CHRIST JESUS.)



I will raise them up a PROPHET+

from among their brethren,

like unto thee (Moses),


and (I ) will put My Words

in His+ Mouth;

and HE+ shall speak unto them

all that I shall command Him+.

+  +  +


Let us notice an interesting thing at Deuteronomy 18:18.

There are two doubles here: The numbers themselves,  18:18,  and the words, doubling the same message. There are some who teach that DOUBLES in Scripture are solid signs of PROPHECY; that it will come to pass by the Hand of GOD. 

We can see here that this prophecy certainly did come to pass — and it is in continuous operation.


It was and is being fulfilled in CHRIST JESUS, both now in this present age and certainly, after we die, for no-one can come to The FATHER but by CHRIST JESUS, John 14:6  


Whoever does not “hear HIM+” does not enter into Eternal Life.

+  +  +


Are YOU “that” Prophet+ ? 

And he answered ,

” NO ! “


Who said this ?


Yes, John the Baptist answered the priests and Levites , the Jews, who questioned him about his authority for baptizing. 

John 1:20

And he confessed, and denied not;

but confessed,

I am not the CHRIST.



And they asked him,

What then? Art thou Elijah?

And he saith, I am not.


Art thou that prophet?

And he answered,

NO !

+  +  +


We see here two things happening.  The religious Jews KNEW “THAT PROPHET+” in Deuteronomy 18:18 referred to the Coming MESSIAH+.

Secondly, they were LOOKING for HIM+ to appear in the land soon ! That is why they questioned John the Baptist like they did. That is why John responded the way he did.

+  +  +

Deuteronomy 18:19


And it shall come to pass,

that whosoever will not hearken

unto MY Words

which HE+ shall speak

in MY Name,


will require it of him.

+  +  +


We see this powerful prophecy fulfilled in John 12. Hear the Words of the LORD JESUS CHRIST:

John 12:47

And if any man hear My+ Words,

and believe not, I+ judge him not:


for I+ came not to judge the world,

but to save the world.


(note the past tense: came — This refers to His+ FIRST ADVENT, not His+ SECOND COMING. )



He that rejecteth ME+,

and receiveth not My+ Words,

hath One that judgeth him:


The WORD that I+ have spoken,

the same shall judge him

in the last day.



For I+ have not spoken of Myself+;

but The FATHER WHO sent ME+,

 HE gave me a commandment,

what I+ should say,

and what I+ should speak.



And I+ know that HIS Commandment

is life everlasting:

whatsoever I+ speak therefore,

even as The FATHER said unto ME+,

so I+ speak.

+  +  +


Deuteronomy 18:22


When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:


thou shalt not be afraid of him.


+  +  +


So … the opposite must be true, also, or the warning of “not to fear the FALSE prophet” would not have been given.


Who, then, SHOULD we be afraid of ?


The SON+ of GOD, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, never spoke one single word which was a lie. Every Word of GOD is true, from the beginning, Scripture tells us. It is in-breathed ( inspired ) by the Living GOD and thus, His Word is the only LIVING document on earth; His Word is TEEMING with Life !   


His+ true prophets KNOW when the HOLY SPIRIT moves them to speak; they can tell when the Words are coming from HIM+ and when they are not. 


A true Prophet can discern the difference between the words of his mind and flesh … and the Anointed Words coming directly from the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD.


A prophet who DOES walk in the anointing of The LORD should make us afraid because the words are not “his” but from the Throne of GOD.  We should be able to discern the difference too, because the HOLY SPIRIT is the same HOLY SPIRIT


The HOLY SPIRIT will not contradict itself; it will not contradict the Word+ of GOD because the ELOHIM is ONE, unified, plural ONE, The ECHAD, in Hebrew.


If we walk in COMPANIONSHIP with the LORD JESUS, if we walk in companionship with His+ blessed HOLY SPIRIT, we too will have discernment to know the difference between the speakers of the flesh — whom we do not need to fear — and the speakers of GOD’S words to us.


Yes, Revelation is totally correct:


We ARE, even now, a Kingdom of Priests ( Rev. 1:6 Gk) to serve our GOD.


Therefore, let us not entangle ourselves with the affairs of this life that we may serve HIM+ with singleness of eye … in Spirit and in Truth… for the FATHER seeketh such to worship HIM.


Are we wearing the mantle of our Royal Priesthood now ? If not, let us search our hearts and come humbly before CHRIST to be clothed in the garments of our calling… and then, let us be about our FATHER’S BUSINESS , in the same manner as the Priest and Levites did in the days of old.


+  +  +


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