When Was Jesus Born

This post teaches the truth of how man has taken December 25th as the birth of Christ, but by searching the scriptures we learn this date is the conception of Christ and not His birth date. Whether after reading this post it all makes sense, or you cast it away to not interrupt celebrating….. the dates will still remain as the word of God that cannot be denied in the book of Luke.


“When was Jesus Born?”

The holiday of Christmas is just around the corner. Some celebrate and not question just where did this tradition of man come from, while others say it is so commercialized and they just focus on the birth of Christ. This time of year places people together with others they have not seen for months or maybe not at all throughout the year, but it is expected and the stress level goes up.

The suicide rate is at its highest around this time of year, and many businesses solely rely on the income to recover losses from the year’s quota. Debt is incured by many and they do not recover for months. Can we really be blind and not take the name Santa and move the letters around to see the word satan? SANTA-satan

Would God really put all this on his children…….Debt, suicide, high stress? Just who do we follow as Believers? Traditions of men or God’s pure promises?

(Colossians 2:8,20-23)..(Matthew 15:1-9)..(Galatians 1:10-12)


It is important to note in the days when Christ was born the Jews went by the Jewish calendar and not the Gregorian one we go by today. This is a vital piece of information and will best explain just how this holiday came into being.

In Luke 1:5 we learn that Zacharias is a priest and is serving his course of Abia which is (June 13-19).His job was to burn incense when in the temple.V:9….It is at this time the Angel Gabriel appears to the right side of the altar of incense V:11….Zacharias is then told his prayer has been heard and his wife Elizabeth would conceive and bear a son.V:13….Zacharias does not believe the words of the Angel and therefore was struck dumb and unable to speak.V:19,20….In the sixth month(6th) the same Angel then visits a virgin named Mary and told she has found favour in the eyes of God. Mary is told that her cousin Elizabeth is already pregnant and is in her sixth month.V:36,37….We learn now this is the month of DECEMBER, because Zacharias was told Elizabeth would conceive a son named John when the Angel Gabriel said to Zacharias when he served the course of Abia in June!(June-December=6 Mos) Mary is now receiving the news that she too will conceive. THIS TELLS US MARY CONCEIVED IN DECEMBER and not gave birth til September! (December-September=9 Mos).

Mary stays with her cousin Elizabeth for three months til she delivers John the Baptist in March.V:56….(June-March is 9 mos)Then the eighth day came when it was time to circumcise the child and it was said the child would be named Zacharias after his Father….But Elizabeth says no his name shall be John.V59,60…. When they ask Zacharias the name they handed him a paper for he could not speak since being struck dumb for unbelief. His tongue was then loosed and able to speak.V:63,64….Zacharias then is filled with the Holy Ghost and begins to prophesy that the child John will be the prophet of the highest for he would go before the face of the Lord(Jesus) to prepare his ways and to give knowledge of Salvation to the people and remission of their sins.


Then the decree came forth for all the world to be taxed and it was at this time Mary would deliver our Saviour Jesus Christ in SEPTEMBER! 2:1-7 The birth took place in Bethlehem and to have the Shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night this would be true in the month of SEPTEMBER, for the rainy season is coming and there would be no way the flocks would be in the fields in DECEMBER!


Days on Jewish reckoning, 280 | 280 days, on Gentile reckoning.
_____ _____
According to Jewish reckoning. According to Gentile (Western) reckoning.
TEBETH 29 days DECEMBER 7 days
SEBAT 30 days JANUARY 31 days
ADAR 29 days FEBRUARY 29 days
NISAN 30 days MARCH 31 days
ZIF 29 days APRIL 30 days
SIVAN 30 days MAY 31 days
THAMMUZ 29 days JUNE 30 days
AB 30 days JULY 31 days
ELUL 29 days AUGUST 31 days
ETHANIM 15 days SEPTEMBER 29 days
__________ __________
280 280
========== ==========


280 days = 40 weeks – forty sevens, the perfect period of human gestation [7x5x8=280].
The Component Numbers of 280 are highly significant in this connection.
7 denotes Spiritual Perfection.
5 denotes Divine Grace.
8 denotes Resurrection, Regeneration, etc.
1st TEBETH = 25th December (5 B.C.)
15th ETHANIM = 29th September (4 B.C.).
From 1st TEBETH to 15th ETHANIM (inclusive) = 280 days.
From 25th DECEMBER (5 B.C .) to 29th SEPTEMBER (4 B.C.) = 280 days

  • It thus appears without the shadow of a doubt that the day assigned to the Birth of the Lord, videlicet: December 25, was the day on which He was begotten of the Holy Ghost, that is to say, by pneuma hagion = divine power (Matthew 1:18, 20 marg.), and His birth took place on the 15th of Ethanim, September 29, in the year following, thus making beautifully clear the meaning of John 1:14,The Word became flesh (Matthew 1:18,20) on 1st Tebeth or December 25 (5 B.C.), and tabernacled (Greek eskenosen) with us, on 15th of Ethanim or September 29 (4 B.C.). The 15th of Ethanim (or Tisri) was the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. The Circumcision therefore took place on the eighth day of the Feast = 22nd Ethanim = October 6-7 (Leviticus 23:33-43). So that these two momentous events fall into their proper place and order, and the real reason is made clear why the 25th of December is associated with our Lord, and was set apart by the Apostolic Church to commemorate the stupendous event of the Word becoming flesh – and not, as we have for so long been led to suppose, the commemoration of a pagan festival. Click to learn more of Jewish Calendar




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