The World’s Easter And God’s Passover

By Julia and CJ

Our Monday morning posts begin with a question, and end in studying scriptures in prayer with the Holy Spirit, to find the answers. 

This week we had multiple questions. There are 3 that led us to search Gods word.
• Why are we as Gentiles given the inheritance of Gods people?
• Why should the Passover be so important to Christians?
• Why is the Passover and Jewish customs not taught in our churches?
While we can answer the first two, the third remains a mystery, except to say many still believe that Jewish customs hold no value, as many believe the church replaced Israel. But to understand where we came from, where we’re going, and the prophecy, we have to understand and know why Christ taught the things He did.

You have to go to the beginning to understand the end. There are many denominations that have adopted traditions of men throughout the ages, even with the sacrament of Communion that Christ gave to all. So many deny this Holy Sacrament to people unless they are members of their church. And it’s not only the Catholic that does this. We can almost understand why they want all to have instruction on the importance of this, almost, but to deny one the opportunity to accept Christ through this is not what Christ taught.

Christ celebrated Passover. It showed the miraculous power of God to deliver His people, and give them His inheritance of His Kingdom. It shows the promise of Christ, and the beginning of prophecy Christ fulfilled.

The answer to one question, is taught in a parable Christ gave in His teaching of the 10 Virgins and the bride groom. Did you know that it was Jewish custom for the groom to sit a glass of wine before a bride, and if she accepted it, and drank from it, the wedding was on. The groom went home to his father and began to prepare for a home for he and his bride. Only no one, not even the son knew when it would be finished. When the grooms father announced to his son, it’s ready, the groom went after his bride, and since no one knew they had to remain ready at all times! For he could even come in the middle of the night. And he came with a shout for his bride. This is true, but not taught in church. Christ did this for His disciples and all followers at the last supper. He gave a cup of wine and when they accepted and drank from it, told them this symbolizes my shed blood for you, do this in remembrance of me. Same with the bread. It was the symbol of His broken body. Dipped in bitter herbs signifying the difficulties the Israelites faced in the desert, and Christ’s torture.  Now, unless you understand the significance of this, during a remembrance of the very first time a sacrifice was given to save Gods people, the meaning of this is lost. God commanded the Israelites to kill a lamb and sprinkle the blood over their door post, so that the angel of death would pass over them, as Gods wrath was poured out upon Egypt. They were also commanded to cook and eat the lamb. All of this done to show why Christs sacrifice and His blood would save not only the Jew but Gentiles as well. Without accepting the blood of Christ over our life, we are lost and alone, and condemned to hell.


The easter the world presents is a far cry from what scripture teaches us.  Buying a new dress and shoes, to cadbury eggs and egg hunts take away so much from the passover God has given to man.  In Exodus we learn of how death passed through the streets of egypt and would smite all the firstborn and all the gods of egypt!  Those who had blood of a lamb upon the door posts were pasted over, and God would later provide the ultimate sacrifice known as the Lamb of God our Lord Jesus Christ! (Exodus 12:11-13).


Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. In the book of revelation we learn Jesus is the slain lamb who is the only one who can open the seven seals, and has made us kings and priests that will reign upon the earth with Him! (Revelation Chapter 5).


Christ was so grieved over the doctrine taught by the Saduccees and Pharisees. He even cleansed the Temple. They refused to acknowledge he who came. This too was even Prophesied in Haggai. “The prophecy contains Messianic imagery and Zerubbabel is told the future of the city of Jerusalem.”   In the New Testament Luke mentions Zerubbabel in the geaneology of Christ.

We could say so much about the prophecies fulfilled by Christ, but that’s another post.
Did you know the Easter Egg even has roots in the Passover? It’s presented as being used as a symbol of mourning. But this too was hijacked by pagan beliefs and rituals.

Christ came first for the Jew, then the Gentile. The magnitude of this humbles us.
Christians celebrate Easter as well, we should, but do we really know why?? Persecuted Christians, especially those converting from Islam, call Easter Resurrection Day. That’s the whole reason for our modern Easter celebrations. He is Alive, He is Risen!

We have lost our first love and the commission given us by Christ. Even as Christ prophecied about His second coming He said, and the GOSPEL (GOOD NEWS) will be preached to the WHOLE world. The Good News that through Christs sacrifice, if accepted would bring us into Gods people to inherit the Kingdom of God.

So our first question is answered in scripture. Why as a gentile am I worthy?

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Christ never said, I am only one way to the Father. He said, I am the only way to the Father!
The Good News (the Gospel)? All those who come to accept Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God, His sacrifice, will inherit Gods Kingdom.


Celebrate Resurrection Day and pass on the Good News!
Hope this answers questions and moves you to search the Scriptures,  and seek Gods answer through the Holy Spirit.










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