Guest Post By The Traveller

Guest Post by The Traveller

Patriotism will not be Enough

These words were spoken and are written in stone, “a time will come when men hearts will fail them for fear”.

I am a simple man who has walked his life in this lost world and seen how the hearts of men has waxed darker and darker. Because of this they have created and carry out great wickedness before God, men and nations.

Man thinks in his utter arrogance that his and others and nations have life and death in their hands alone which is a delusion as their eyes and hearts have been covered and swallowed up by the one who has no other goal than to make all men bow down and worship him alone not our Lord.

Governments are ruled and driven by him through men who wish nothing more than to see his kingdom bought to every nation, man, women and child.

Every ideology of men has failed and will continue to fail, left against right, black against white, red against blue, liberal against conservative, men against women, religion against religion, tribe against tribe and nation against nation.

But there is one greater than this evil one who is yet to come with the shout of an angel and the sound of a trumpet so loud that all men will hear and see his coming.

He alone will bring the peace so sort after because he is the Prince of Peace. He came once before but was rejected and hung on a tree.

You see, your woes will only increase until this time and things will become so trying that unless He does not return, mankind will cease to exist upon this place called earth.

Words like these have been spoken by man glibly; One nation under God, God defend New Zealand but these words are worthless because just like the day they cried, crucify him, crucify him, you continue to mock him, spit on him, blaspheme his Holy name and the end of you shall be swift and sure.

False prophets, teachers have come into all nations and man-made religions are leading all those who follow them to death eternal for the wages of sin is death not just in the physical but in the eternal.

Governments and men with hearts so black filled with false ideologies are leading you all into the valley of no return.

In this valley men will find the birds of the air gathering together to eat of their flesh and they shall be remembered no more in the now and in the eternal because before the judgment seat, judgment shall be pronounced upon them and they shall be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where they shall perish and never be remembered or spoken of again.

No man, women or child shall be exempt as all will have heard the words of the living God, Lord of all, and Savior to many, King of Kings, King of Glory and Captain of the Hosts. Your dreams, ambitions and plans, the wealth you have accumulated, your nations, your tribes will count for nothing and will perish in the twinkling of an eye.

The dragon’s time is short, but he is ensuring that many of you in your lands where your feet tread day after day are going to be lost for eternity and you are gladly following him and the deceit and lies he has placed upon your heart and written in your minds.

Woe unto you, woe unto you for his end is death whereas I offer you life eternal, not only in the now but in the time to come.

Men’s hearts will fail them for fear for this is one of his greatest weapons not only to blind you from seeing the truth but also to stop you from eating of the bread of life.

Nothing will stop this time coming forth and is already here for the dragon has spread his lies, hate division, unbelief, and unholy lifestyles right across this planet called earth and it must reach its conclusion and end.

Some may say, “what must we do to be saved?” Repent from your wicked ways and let everyone of you be baptized by water in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This is your burden alone; no other man’s, so do not linger in the valley of decision for the time is very short for I have sped up time for the elect’s sake.

To those who know they are mine it is a time to come out of all those places of false religion, false doctrine where worship of idols and traditions of men exist. Humble yourselves before your God and King, the Messiah, the coming one so that you are strengthened for the time that is here now and will continue to wax even worse.

In doing this your head will be anointed with oil and your cup will surely runneth over and you shall be that light upon the hill drawing all men to the foot of their savior and the one that will breathe life into them in the now and in the eternal.

If you follow me and love me, you will do my commandments. Let him who has ears to hear what the spirit is his church, the church of the firstborn.

A Traveller in the Lord.




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