The Walk Of Our Lord

Part 1

There are two gates spoken of by the Lord and it is up to us to make the choice to inherit eternal life and the kingdom of God as man has free will. There is the wide gate that leads to destruction and many will walk there, or there is the narrow gate which leads unto life and only a few find it and will chose to walk it’s way that is by the worlds standards most unpopular.

The Lords walk is unappealing to many, but should one decide to choose it then we as His followers must do as He did. It is a way of being falsely accused, hated, rejected and yes even willing to die as Jesus taught may happen making those who do such an ungodly act think they are doing service to God(John 16:1-3).

We have been given many examples of those who have gone before us who walked with the Lord by faith no matter what (Hebrews Chapter 11).

Daniel was up against what may have seemed an impossible situation as all the presidents, governors, princes, counselor’s and captains made a decree that no one should go against or they would be cast into the lion’s den! This however did not for a moment keep Daniel from kneeling three times a day praying and giving thanks before his God(Daniel 6:7-22).

At this point we could ask ourselves are we running with the crowd who misuse the word of God and find an avenue that will support their way while living what the world values or are you on the narrow path as the Lord walked to do the will of His Father who is also our Father?

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