In the days that are here those that seek diligently their Lord will walk up and down upon this earth proclaiming the words of the Lord.

Though the false teacher and prophets speak delusions and diviners lies and tell false dreams they comfort my people in vain.

My people therefore wend their ways like lost sheep and they are in trouble because their is no true shepherd to lead them. My anger says the Lord is kindled against the shepherds and I will punish the goatherds.

I the Lord will visit with my flock and I will make them as my royal horse in the battle raging upon the earth and in the heavens.

From me came the chief cornerstone and my people shall stand because I the Lord God Almighty are with them. Because I have trained their hands for battle so that their arms will break a bow of bronze they shall be like mighty men who tread down their enemies and mine in the streets where they tread and their enemies shall be put to utter shame.

I their Lord and God will strengthen them and I will bring them back unto me as a Father who sows mercy upon his children day after day. They shall be mighty men and their hearts will rejoice and their children shall see it and be glad and rejoicing shall flow from their mouths.

I shall call says the Lord of Hosts in these days upon the earth and they shall come for I have redeemed them through the blood of the lamb.

Increase shall come as it was in times past and as I am their Lord and God I will hear them as they cry out unto me in the days of my wrath that are and will be poured out upon those upon this earth.

For those that have been sowed in far countries they too shall remember me and they shall live and they too shall return unto me, some by water and some by fire.

The pride of the wicked ones shall be bought down and the scepter of the fallen one shall depart from all my children, friends, disciples and sons.

In these times saith the Lord I alone shall strengthen them as they seek my face diligently and they shall walk up and down in the lands where I have planted them in the name of my son, Jesus Christ proclaiming His salvation and words, Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand and will not tarry.

The Traveller


  1. One thing I hear so often from many who walk in God’s kingdom is that the gospel is not being preached. Over and over I hear these words and these are from those who go to some sort of church.

    They carry on to say that the church has it’s meetings and then meet together afterwards for tea and biscuits but they see with their own eyes that their congregation is not growing and in fact many are getting smaller. In this discouragement falls upon them and they are lost as to what to do with what they see happening before their eyes.

    Now I know that there is some truth in the words they are speaking but I also know God does have out in the highways and byways those preaching his gospel to the lost yet those being saved in these dark places are not turning up in churches.

    The above word says several things;

    1. Those that seek our Father in heaven above diligently will in fact be like the mighty men of old and walk up and down in the place where God has placed their feet preaching and teaching the oracles of God to those who the Father is drawing to His Son.

    2. God is and has always been busy building His Church, the church of the firstborn. Though it may appear the congregation is not growing I believe that it in fact it is growing beyond measure but in this time He the Lord is grouping these earnestly seeking disciples outside many of the churches that exist today.

    In the small town I live I know of at least 6 groups outside the churches in this places that meet regularly every week for prayer, worship, and the word. Even though they walked away from the abundance of the churches in this town their faith has not become weak, but stronger in the Lord.

    Their meetings tend to follow what is written in 1 Corinthians 14:26. One has a Psalm, another a teaching, another a tongue, another an interpretation and another a revelation. Always their is worship is lead with one musical instrument. In all cases in these meetings I find that it is the spirit of the Lord leading the meetings as it all flows together in order and what needs to spoken out to our Lord above is voiced many times with tears and heartfelt praise and worship. Most churches do not walk this way and never will as they have their set ways of ordering their services and simply do not allow the spirit of God to move.

    I have watched one group grow from two heart seeking disciples of the Lord to approximately six in a matter of weeks. The growth occurred without man’s hand or efforts and the new people fit into what the Lord is doing in the hearts of those in the group. It is as the word of God say, they are like lost sheep and they are in trouble because their is no true shepherd to lead them. So the Lord has taken hold of them and removed them from the places that they were in.

    3. As these ones and many others cry out unto the Lord He does hear their cries and He does deliver them from their troubles. He also visits His wrath upon those who trouble them and their faith grows as they see this happen.

    4. Many in these groups can be dealing with hurts and to mark my point, one brother said He trusts no christian because of what they done or said to him. One can tell though he loves the Lord because of the words in prayer that flows from his mouth. In his case and others the Lord is healing these scars in their hearts through these small groups so that their faith and belief in the Lord grows stronger to face the days are here in the now.

    Before one who walks in a denomination takes up his stick, I know God has many TRUE believers in these places who love Jesus with all that they are. As well there are other churches that are nothing more than whores of satan and those that stay in these places will suffer the wrath of God that is yet to come.

    One thing I am so thankful for God is in charge and He knows who are His true disciples no matter where they may go to be with their brothers and sisters to come before the lord and offer their sacrifices of praise, worship and thanks for all that He is doing for his children upon this earth.

    One could write a book on this but praises to the Holy one Jesus Christ, the coming King our Lord and savior, teacher, guide and comforter and much more.

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