Woe unto my People


For a time such as this where there is much celebration, there is so much want, death, sickness and lack of knowledge amongst my people.

Into the snares that the fallen one has prepared over many years have they fallen into and are now the blind leading the blind.

I am long suffering and want to see none perish in their own foolishness, yet this is what I see happen before me as I sit on my throne in heaven.

They have taken up and have accented to practicing pagan worship though in the past I sent my prophets into their places who shouted from the roof tops my warnings to them, they have failed to listen for they have become dull of hearing.

My Son cried out, let he who has ears, let them hear for in doing so they will hear my voice telling them of things past and of the things that will come.

Does not word say pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this; to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27)

Though it is written many of my people go about their own way and have followed the world and give it all their attention and worldly goods.

My prophet Jeremiah spoke inspired by me warning my people about taking up the customs of men and cutting down trees and decorating them. They are lifeless things, they neither hear nor speak but again I say you give them all your attention and worldly matter.

This is idolatry and I turn my back to you all. I neither hear your prayers nor receive your worship during this time. At appointed times of the year there are many feast days planned, but many do not realize it is something the soul of GOD hates! ( Isaiah 1:13-20)

As the fallen one has been working, so have I and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness I have been training so that their arms will break a bow of bronze.

These ones are being led by the spirit which dwells within them and these are the true sons of God.

They will have died to themselves and on their lips will be the words, Not I but Christ, Not I but Christ. ( Galatians 2:20-21)

These ones will be unspotted and have come out of the world in such a fashion there is nothing left of their old life to return to. Their focus will be Christ crucified and nothing else. These are the ones that in this time will follow in the steps of my Son and my true disciples since those times.

Yes, they will be many and they will be mocked, taken before the man made religious councils, beaten and some taken to death, though life awaits them in my kingdom.

It shall be these ones that open the eyes of many young and old who are right this moment searching for the Truth. Signs and wonders shall follow them wherever they go for I am with them to the end of the ages.

These ones are on your horizon and are now starting to appear and they shall have all things in common which is my love for the world that I sent my Son into so that whosoever believes in him shall have eternal life, for I did not send my Son into the world to condemn it but that through him all who dwell upon it may be saved.

My sheep have been scattered far and wide into many lands and far off places but the many who have heard my voice after spending much time in the wilderness just as my Son did will return into this fallen world full of my glory and preach the gospel of good news in life, truth and show the way to true salvation.

These ones have been sifted, they have received chastisement, they have received my correction and they shall walk in the power of my spirit.

Many will come in the last days to my Son who has all power and authority in heaven, on earth, under the earth and on the earth to come, and say did we not do all these things in your name. Sadly His answer shall be swift and sure, depart from me for I do not know you. (Matthew 7:21-23)

If you say you are of mine, then do as my Son said; if you love me do my commandments. (John 14:15, Revelation 22:12-14)

Great wickedness, idolatry and hearts far from me are what I see. Foolish people for the wolves in sheep’s clothing have lead you down a path to eternal destruction where you will be remembered no more, for the wicked shall not inherit the earth and its fullness thereof, for all is mine.


To quote Charles Spurgeon

Upright men strove to stem the tide, but in spite of all their effort, the apostasy went on till the church, with the exception of a small remnant was submerged in pagan superstition, that Christmas is a pagan festival is beyond all doubt and all the ceremonies which is celebrated prove its origin. Those that follow the custom of observing Christmas follow not the bible but pagan ceremonies”.

A servant of the most high God

The Traveller

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