8 thoughts on “In the Beginning, Real Christians Didn’t “Go To Church” to “Have Church.” Real Christians ARE the Church.

  1. Not really sure what to make of this as I think its probably only applicable to the USA. Sure, we have medieval cathedrals but I don’t think anyone has built a big church here since the 1950s and then only to replace ones destroyed by war. We have the churches spread throughout the land as you mentioned but attendance levels mean that they are forced to close or else share their preacher with three other churches 😦

    • This writing comes to us by RJ, and I believe He is saying the true church resides with the smaller groups of people of faith as in the book of Acts that had all things common, unlike todays mega churches and gatherings that take peoples eyes off of Christ as they focus on the activities of the church buildings and not the message Christ gave of the unity of the church….. Where two or three are gathered there is He in the midst of them. Be Blessed.

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