In Times of Turmoil and Trouble

Turmoil and trouble is unfolding before all eyes that walk hither and fro upon this earth and many are perplexed and walk in fear which involves the torment of the fallen one.

As I have spoken in the past and still speak in these times, these things will and must come to pass. The whole universe will see the wickedness being done in high places by those who walk in the power that is in their hands over all the people under their rule.

They have placed burdens upon the backs of their people that is causing them to be dashed against the stones.

It is written that I will turn the hearts of sons back to the Father and so it shall be for many are seeing that their plans are futile and worthless and they are seeking my messengers who have the whole armor of God firmly in place and are my soldiers enduring the hardness of this world going where they are lead to go with my oil running down their beards and their cups are filled to overflowing.

Their mouths are filled by my spirit and they shall speak of my salvation, judgment and promise which was spoken from the beginning of time.

I the Lord would say unto you my children and fellow heirs, lift up your eyes to heaven for this is where your help comes from. I am not slow in stretching out my right hand and to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed for I have heard the desires of the humble and I am preparing their hearts for the days they are walking in and for the time just beyond the horizon.

Be encouraged not discouraged by what your eyes see in the physical but look to the invisible. I AM the I AM, the Alpha and Omega and I am with my flock to the end of the ages. You will see my signs in the heavens and on the earth which will cause you to rejoice in your coming King. In your Lord and God place your trust and life and surely you will see my deliverance manifest before your own eyes and those of mine who stand with you.

I have heard my people’s crying saying, Arise O’Lord, O’God and lift up your hand and do not forget the humble for you are our shepherd. It is you and you alone who makes us to lie down in green pastures and leads us besides the still waters for your peace that surpasses all understanding covers and fills us as we walk amongst the turmoil and trouble that abounds on this earth and in the times to come.

Faint not in these times but lift up your arms and living soul and I will fill you again with my latter rain and the King of Glory will rain down His glory upon you so that you become like a rod of steel that will not be moved by the wickedness that has been set free across this earth.

Hear my words, my love is unfailing, my salvation is with you, my angels I command concerning you, my strength, power and deliverance surrounds you, my provision has been released unto you for in all this I know your hearts are pure and holy before me.

Like a cricket upon this earth that lives then dies so my eyes are upon you in life and in death and you shall walk with me in eternity.

Your Father, God, King, Savior and Friend – Jesus Christ.

The Traveller

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