The LORD, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This is My name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered in every generation

I am not christmas, I am not easter, I am not religion or any other man made holidays or traditions, I AM WHO I AM. I am the creator of heaven and earth and all that it contains is mine. I am the saviour of all men who the Father is drawing unto me.

I am the King of Glory which rests upon and is in those who follow diligently after me. I am the Captain of the Hosts who I command to go forth into this world and minister to my disciples and friends, those that do my will as I did my Fathers.

I am the one who cried out, let there be light and so it was and it was good. I am the one who came down and with my finger wrote the commandments in stone.

I am the Spirit of Truth who takes what is of mine and reveals it to all my followers. I am wisdom, understanding, love, mercy and grace. I am the lamb who was worthy to open all the scrolls.

I am the Life, Truth and the Way to all those who have ears and hearts to hear and know the Truth of all things.

I am the giver of Good News which leads to the salvation of living souls. I am the body that man must eat of for then their minds will be renewed. I am the blood that man must drink of for this is the cup of suffering and as I suffered so all all those who follow after me will do likewise.

I am the one who overcome and now am seated in heavenly places at the right hand of the Father as are all those who are mine in this world.

I am the Beginning and the End and as there was a beginning so there will be an end and surely it is growing near.

I am the chief cornerstone of the church of the firstborn and all who have followed me, many sleeping, many still living have their names written in the book of life in heaven.

I am the coming one who will appear to all men with the shout of an angel and the sound of a trumpet of God in all my glory, with all my holy angels and all men will then know beyond doubt that I AM WHO I AM.

I am known by many other other names, God Almighty, Jehovah, the Christ, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

I am the voice in the burning bush and every man upon this earth has a burning bush moment in his time. I am the mighty one in battle and victory is mine for the prince of this world has been judged.

I am the risen one who appeared to the chosen many after my resurrection and walked with them for 40 days and then ascended to be with my Father until the times have been fulfilled.

I am the bread of life, the water of life, and those that eat and drink of my bread and water will have life forever more. I am hope and comfort to all those who follow after me, for greater is he that is in them than he that is in this world.

I am who I say I am and there is no other so pray in all things I say, watch therefore and you will know and understand the times and you will see the end of all things here on this earth.

Lastly and the most important, I am Love, a love that surpasses all boundaries and this is why I gave my only begotten Son who freely gave his life so that men could be called a son, daughter of the most high God and be part of our family in the now and forever more in the time to come.

My commandment to all my disciples is to love one another, having all things in common for in doing so, all men who are lost, bound, broken and lonely would know that I AM the I AM and that I love all men who have a heart for the Truth which I AM.

On that notable day of the Lord my children will be filled with such inexpressible love and joy that they have never known before.

Hold fast to all that is good and turn your face, heart and lives to the creator of heaven and earth and my light shall shine brightly upon thee and you shall be filled with all that I AM and you shall be a light in the darkness of this world.


The Traveller


11 thoughts on “I AM WHO I AM

    • YES! The writer “The Traveller” has many writing’s in which the Holy Spirit has spoken through him. Many Blessings to you and may the new year bring much joy and strength.

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  4. Sorry to hear you were having trouble posting your comment Brian.

    “I AM that I AM” It is our privilege, duty, and honor to come to know Him as our I AM. To seek Him and discover who HE IS in truth free from the distortions of men’s doctrines and ideas. HE is the TRUTH and in our coming to know Him personally, reverently, and purely requires a heart that desires Him alone.

    Been blessed this past year significantly by your sharing, Beth’s enthusiasm and the evident grace of God abounding through the many…

    Grateful for the common hope we have in Christ.

    Love to all

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