Dead son Raised to Life in Nepal !

The Glorious RESURRECTION POWER of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is active and real in Nepal, amongst the persecuted Christians there.  Fanatical Hindu’s have attacked the Christians over the last few years, so that they are paying a price to follow CHRIST JESUS.   Look at the rewards for Following CHRIST !  This testimony is from a…

New Author

I would like to welcome Sr Judith Hannah as a new Author here on Precious Sheep of Renown. Her writings are encouraging and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and I pray you will find comfort and knowledge for the day by her writings. Welcome Judith………..  


  The silence is deafening. .  Listen to the words NOT uttered by the Pope on his visit to the US last week. These words were NOT spoken, NOT uttered, and NOT even alluded to by The Roman Catholic Pope, the loudest spokesman and highest head of the largest Christian religious organization. . The Words…


I would like to welcome to our website samson7able as a new author. His writings bring insight into the word of God, and we are blessed to have this anointed writer here to share with all of us.  


I would like to welcome a new author, it is a blessing to have CJ from the website I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ. You can find her articles under ‘Prophecy Truths’.  Welcome CJ.