Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Everyone upon this earth have their own story to tell of where they have been and what drove them along the paths they have traveled as they live their lives . I am no different to anyone else who has lived and is living upon this earth amongst the many who co-exist alongside me.

We are all unique in ourselves and we come with our strengths and weaknesses in the flesh. In talking to many inside the kingdom and many outside who are suffering in some form, I am lead to say to them that when God created them He broke the mold. There is no one like them living and what they have done or going to do no one else upon the earth can do it in exactly the same way.

Alas many times the things God has intended to fulfill through us human beings never happens for various reasons. For unbelievers it is simply the fact they do not know Christ therefore the things of Christ will never be made manifest in their lives.

For believers it is a different story. Where we walk in the body of Christ has a bearing on whether we are encouraged and trained and equipped to tell our story before men. One thing is certain though Christ Jesus tells us many times through His word that your story is important Him and to others inside and outside the Kingdom of God. When reading the word and walking alongside the disciples of old we are walking through their lives before and after meeting with Christ.

He tells us to put our light upon a hill for all men to see and yes though that light is Christ Jesus in us, part of that light is your story of how you met Christ and how you have continued to walk with him.

In the last book of the word of God, He says,they overcame him (satan) because of the Lambs blood and because of the words of their testimony and they didn’t love their lives unto death”.

So you see part of overcoming is because of the word of your testimony. Your story / testimony overcomes every weapon satan has in his arsenal for it shines forth Christ Jesus’ salvation, power, authority, life, truth and most importantly His love for humanity.

Within the words I was lead to write of my own testimony is the following; “ I can see satan and his demons stamping their feet saying, he is going to tell the world just how important they are to the one who created them and to all who walk after His ways and to those who we have broken and bound in their sins.

Satan and his tribe of followers don’t want anyone to know that your life, your story is important. You are a unique individual given certain natural gifts and talents (spiritual gifts are different) which God will bring to full fruition as you walk with Him as you wind your way home to His kingdom.

Satan’s plans is to make everyone believe that no one cares for them, no one loves them and that the gifts and talents they have are of no importance or use to anyone upon this earth. His path and words say, you need no one but yourself and your goal in this life is to gather as much as you can of the wealth of this world. This is to be your life, nothing else, for there is nothing to look forward to after you reach your time upon this earth.

As a child of God can you see just how important your story is to both those inside and and outside the kingdom. The whole bible is in fact people’s testimonies not only about themselves but their country. We see all their trails and tribulations and how they overcame in God Almighty, Christ Jesus.

When I am privileged to hear a brothers and sisters story / testimony, it not only encourages me but causes me to magnify and glorify Christ Jesus, God Almighty for their love for all of mankind. And according to Gods, Christ own words your testimony is extremely important to Him and you as you walk the path of life driven and lead by the Holy Ghost for it shall cause you to overcome the trials that manifest themselves before you whatever they may be.

In closing as a fellow believer in Christ I encourage you with all Christ Jesus has placed within my heart and in my hands to, tell your story / testimony” as you are lead by the spirit of God in those places the Lord takes you to do his work whether it be to those inside His kingdom or those outside it in the darkness of this fallen world.

For me after writing my own story, I was lead to print it out and place copies of it in my vehicle and many times the Lord has bought people across my path to which I was told by that small quiet voice to give them a copy which is called, “Everyone Has a Story to Tell”. Some came back to me and shared how it encouraged them to face what they are facing, others I have never heard back from at all. Those ones God has them in His hands, I was either sowing a seed or watering past seeds and God Himself will reap the harvest.

The Traveller


7 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Story to Tell

  1. I could only click the “like” button because there was no “love” button or “bull’s eye” buttton or “100%” button. The best from the heart testimony I’ve ever read. Amen, Amen! Glory to the Highest! Keep pushing for the Kingdom for it’s rewards are greater than all the earthly wealth that our God given planet could ever provide. LOLGB++

    • YES! The writer of this post has truly showed his heart is set only on loving the Lord and serving Him always. Many have been so Blessed because of such a great heart felt testimony. Many Blessings Always.

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