The What If World

Gone are the days of innocence! The time of purity that once was a gauge to show the world the Love of God was still present in the world where women wore clothes that left everything to the imagination of men. Our President truly then wrote words of wisdom and scripture was in its contents and prayer for the nations still was held high! There’s a bible verse that is fitting to such a time when the world was not as chaotic in it’s belief system as today’s choices and Presidency. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things”.(Philippians 4:8).


Exactly when did God change his creation to perversion? Whether we like it or not we now live in the what if world where whatever you can think of can be obtained! God’s creation has taken a back seat to his miraculous design set so long ago! Here is a perfect example: LGBT is a clear statement of total immorality, perversion, lasciviousness which is a life lived away from a Holy sovereign God which has now been shown as a whole new way to live. It’s now a world of what if God made mistakes and I was born a woman, but want to be a man and then what if I could find a surgeon to remove the identity God gave me? Then what if I could gather together with like minded people who like my kind of belief and come up with a title for it? We could all be one group of like minds…………

Lets see my women friends who love other women, and guy friends who love each other the same, and what if those I know who have lovers of both sexes and then add the ones who were not happy with the way God created them and change from one kind of person to another? and we could then maybe make a law that all people will just have to accept. Yeah that’s it!!!  WOW This is fantastic it is filled with everything I like. REALLY! fantastic to live a life where God is obsolete so sin can run rampant? Is this really what God intends for us to do?


Just where have we seen where man thought he was above God and had a better plan of creation than he did? Nimrod tried to build the tower of Babel, then Sodom and Gomorrah had a great plan of gathering many with one mind of Godless lewd sexual acts. Lets not forget satan who was the most beautiful covering Cheribim for God’s Holy Ark of Testimony and thought he could rise above and sit on the mercy seat!  ALL of these examples given to us throughout time was taken down by none other than God himself! …. GOD HAS NOT CHANGED! So what makes LGBT think they have a better sin God will change his mind about?????




4 thoughts on “The What If World

  1. My answer to what if, is man has turnec their backs away from GOD and have become lovers of themselves. Man its worried about his neighbors, or loving people. Man is destroying himself. Another Sodom and Gomorrah if you ask me.

    God destroyed that city I wonder what God will do to us?

  2. Dear Julia,

    This is a TERRIFIC POST .

    GOD says, ” I AM THE LORD; I change NOT.” HE does not change nor does HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST change.

    There was a ship captain, arrogant in his command, bearing down upon a vessel with a light. The arrogant commander DEMANDED the on-coming vessel to change course.

    Signal was flashed back and forth, each telling the other to CHANGE COURSE lest there be a collision.

    Finally in TOTAL ARROGANCE, the ship’s commander signaled his worthy identity: ” I am Captain S0-and-SO, Commander of Navy Destroyer X.

    I DEMAND that you change your course IMMEDIATELY.”

    The answer flashed back immediately.

    “I am the Light-house. YOU CHANGE COURSE.”

    Like the Lighthouse upon that high, unmovable ROCK , The LORD simply does not change. All who come against HIM will be destroyed.

    The 10 Kings of Revelation 17 have increased their tempo of destruction against the human race, GOD’S highest creation. They are fiercely directing the attack, especially aiming for the reproduction of human beings.

    This is why babies are aborted by the millions, hybrids trying to be developed out of the little babies’ organs. This is why LGBT is being pushed by those in control… including judges at the highest levels. What a shame upon ANY nation to have such judges !

    This is why 7th grade girls and boys are being “introduced” to birth control methods and means IN THE SCHOOLS through vaccinations, invasively affecting their very hormones and reproductive organs at the beginning of puberty.

    The reproductive organs were not meant to be play-things, but the plan of GOD to reproduce the human race.

    IN THE INCARNATION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS+ CRUCIFIXION and RESURRECTION, the satan was defeated by MAN+. Because of this, the satan is furious with the human race and is directing all fiery darts to destroy mankind at all costs.

    The Victory, however, is already won; the war is decided and judgment has been given to the SAINTS.

    Now… all we have to do is to HOLD ONTO JESUS until the Last Battle, and pray for the destruction of the enemy of our souls and his filthy, man-hating schemes.

    ENDURANCE in JESUS is the key nowadays.

    I loved your post. So EXCELLENT. Thank you for speaking TRUTH.

    In HIM+ Who+ alone is Life,
    Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

  3. SisterJudithHannah……..I completely enjoyed the story of the light house! Oh how true through the arrogance of man does he continue in the wrong thinking the true light of the world will change to accommodate his sinful ways.Your comment was a much needed message.God BlessYou in serving Him.

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