“God Does Not Tempt With Evil”

temptation “Let no man say when he is tempted,I am tempted of God:for God cannot be tempted with evil,neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted,when he is drawn away of his own lust,and enticed.Then when lust hath conceived,it bringeth forth sin:and sin,when it is finished,bringeth forth death”.(James 1:13-15).


We see by this passage that a Righteous God would not tempt man with evil.God is a God of Love and Hope to those who seek him for comfort.


“He that loveth not knoweth not God;For God is Love. And we have known and believed  the Love that God hath to us.God is Love;and he that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God,and God in him”.(1 John 4:8,16).Love


Todays society shows how man is set on the choice of sin instead of a life lived for God as we see the Love of many grow cold! “And because iniquity shall abound,the Love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end,the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations;and then shall the end come”.(Matthew 24:12-14).


God’s eyes see everything and it is so important to know he is on his throne and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father. “Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil,and canst not look on iniquity:Wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously,and holdest thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous than he?(Habakkuk 1:13).holy bible


Let’s put God where he has always been in Heaven watching over his children for Good.And satan where he dwells in the earth to tempt man away from God! “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer:Behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison,that ye may be tried;and ye shall have tribulation ten days:be thou faithful unto death,and I will give thee a crown of life.I know thy works and where thou dwelleth,even where satan’s seat is:and thou holdest fast my name,and hast not denied my Faith,even in those days wherein Antipas was my Faithful martyr,who was slain among you,where satan dwelleth”.(Revelation 2:10,13).


We as believers understand that evil is in the earth and have the Lord’s prayer to pray for deliverance from any evil which tries to make us take our eye’s off of God our Father. “And lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from evil:For thine is the Kingdom,and the power,and the Glory,for ever Amen”.(Matthew 6:13).deliverance



to God be


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