Christian Persecution In The US


There are 2 disturbing headlines this morning.  The first is very disturbing in that it show’s threats, and a biased not seen since WW2.

NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes  It is just what it implies.  They have threatened that if Arizona passes their amendments to the Religious freedom rights bill they will not host next years super bowl.  Now I guess that’s not much, but it is for the state hosting them, billions of dollars in revenue.  What I would like to know is when did the NFL become part of the ‘Gay Rights movement’?  And since when can any organization government or non government threaten to pull an event for a group that supposedly has no ties to government.  Well I think that’s pretty obvious.  I think it’s time for Christians everywhere to let the NFL know that we are tired of their antics, we’re tired of their threats and we’re tired of their announcers taking any jab they can at Christianity.  Look how Tim Tebow was treated.

The next is the same but different.  A Federal Court has ruled that Texas doesn’t have the right to say what marriage is, and they don’t have the right to ban homosexual marriage.


Texas ban on gay marriage ‘demeans dignity’ and is unconstitutional – judge  Yes, US Judge Orlando Garcia said the Texas ban “conflicts with the US constitutions guarantees of equal protection and due process.” 

So even though Texas and other states put this ban before the voters and they decided clearly that they did not support homosexual marriage, a Federal judge can tell us that doesn’t matter what the people want, they will do what the government say’s.  You see Kansas,  Texas and West Virginia will now be forced to ignore the voter mandated ban’s.  And people can’t see what is happening.  Churches all over the US are caving in to Government wishes.  They are even saying that calling Homosexuality a sin is a sin itself.  Really?

I am sad, I am angry, I can’t believe that this ugly evil has grown to what it has.  I can’t believe that Christians who are refusing to perform or provide service to homosexual marriages are persecuted.  I have always taken the low road to take up for those whose rights are truly violated or are discriminated against.  I always stood with them, even the homosexual’s, I stood with anyone who faced discrimination.  So who will stand with me?  I look around and those I supported for years are gone, there is no one standing there to speak up for my rights.  My rights as a Christian to say “Live the way you want, just don’t expect me to participate in it. I love you but I can’t condone your behavior it’s a sin and not natural.”  has been taken and if I say that I will be prosecuted.  So hatred and discrimination rears it’s ugly head to those who stood and said no more.  Well now this monster has turned it’s attention to the very people who offered acceptance in the past.  This is not about acceptance.  They are being used to create civil disturbance, to bring down America’s economy, and to destroy those pesky evangelical Christians.  You know the ones who cling to their stuffy old Bible.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus!  And get ready, persecution is here, it’s beginning.  Just talk to those who came here from other countries, they will tell you they are worried about us and the US because this is the way it began there.  And it’s the way it began in WW2.  Or have you forgotten Pastor Neihmollers poem, ‘First they Came.’  I can say pray for our country, pray for our Christian leaders, but it’s too late, they have remained silent too long.  Now only judgment remains.


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