“Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World”

With all the reports of horrific torture and abuse of Children in the world, we need to remember one thing.  Children are precious in God’s eyes.  There have been mind-boggling reports of children being tortured, and abused in the world.  And even here in the US, yesterday there was a report of officials cracking a child pornography ring here in the US. (More)  How can we sit silently by while the world ignores such abuses.  It’s pure unadulterated evil.  A reminder of just how precious these little ones are comes in the form of a song we used to sing in Sunday School.  A song that the world needs to embrace.  I cried watching this video.  We must pray for all the Children!

One thought on ““Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World”

  1. The ungodly have no mercy for anyone or any thing! satan motivated people have an agenda to destroy any good in this life and the most innocent here on earth are the children and this shows the real side of evil. We need to remember God Almighty is not the God of this world, But satan himself is the god of this world and we see his evil acts daily through those carrying out his deeds. These evil minds are blinded from the light of the gospel and is satans pawn.(2 Corinthians 4:3,4). God Bless all who lift up prayers for any innocent life being misused and destroyed, for the brothers and sisters in Christ are the only voice some may have.

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