“The day the Lord will reign”


As the governing of the people come and go with each presidency, we as christians look forward to the day when all religions that cause divisions will be gone and only the one true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be all that remains!(Revelation 11:15).


Scripture teaches there are lords and gods many in the earth(1 Corinthians 8:5,6),but in the day the Lord our God reigns will be a time mount Zion the “New Jerusalem” will of gathered its own known as the remnant that was placed in the earth from the foundation of the world!(Micah 4:5-8),For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.In that day, saith the Lord, will I assemble her that halteth, and I will gather her that is driven out, and her that I have afflicted;And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the Lord shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever.And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.  (1 Peter 1:18-23).


At the sound of the 7th trump the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord forever and ever! (Revelation 11:15-17). 15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.



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