How Many Times — The Sheep And Goat

How many times have you (we or I) read something in the bible and totally missed some passage or section ?? Recently I was looking for something else in the book of Mark when I came across this. Mark 8:15 And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and […]

How Many Times — The Sheep And Goat

13 thoughts on “How Many Times — The Sheep And Goat

    • I can not tell you how many times i have read that passage, but this last time it hit me hard on how true it is for today, and how it was true then, and how it will be true in the future. Thank You. Have a blessed day.

    • It was one of those moments when your reading and the light bulb goes on, and you say hey I missed it and the truth is revealed! So much of scripture is history repeating itself, and as the governing of Herod was not good Jesus was forewarning us that the unrighteous leaven would carry over into future government’s and to beware! Thank You, Have a blessed day.

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