The Wisdom of All Things

The Wisdom of All Things

The wisdom of all things is what I am seeking my heart cried out to the Lord. He then placed me before the city gates. The city shone and glistened like no other I had seen.

I heard a voice say, “Speak the Words”. Before I could open my mouth, another one stepped forward and spoke before the gates made of pure earthly gold, “Open Sesame”.

Myths and legends have no place or authority in this place the voice thundered out and the man simply vanished from my sight.

Speak the words I heard the voice speak once again. Out of my mouth sprang these words, “Open in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ”.

At these words the gates once firmly sealed sprang open. As I took one step inside and with the gates slamming shut behind me, my eyes beheld everything that man has placed great value upon, before me.

Again the voice rang out saying, “because you spoke of the one who is King in this place, you may take anything that you desire and it shall be yours.

One cannot imagine what my eyes beheld. It indeed was an earthly treasure even beyond that of Solomon the King.

I turned and bowed to where this voice seemed to emanate from and these were my words. I am honored and privileged to stand in this place but this and I pointed to all this glittering treasure, is worth nothing, no nothing to me at all.

I came to seek the wisdom of all things, the wisdom of the truth, life and the way. And then with all my getting, get understanding of how to walk, live, and speak it to all those placed around me.

As these words came to an end, this earthly treasure faded into nothingness and in its place was a place full of light brighter than the earthly sun.

Again the voice spoke out and said, take one more step my son and so I did. In the midst of this place was a river but not one that man would understand and it was of this river the voice told me to drink thereof.

In drinking from this river the voice cried out you shall receive what you seek and you shall indeed live, walk and speak of the riches of this kingdom to all those I place around you.

I then sat myself down and began to drink of the word of God as it flowed from the mouth of the Father of all as he sat upon his heavenly throne and all that I was seeking filled me to overflowing.

The Traveller

A servant of the most high God.


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