Wickedness in High Places

In the dead of the night I heard a voice from the throne of my God say, Wickedness in High
Places, Wickedness in high places. These words kept repeating over and over, so much so that I
arose from my place of sleep and began to pace around my small abode.

I cried out, behold Lord here I am for I was so disturbed by these words when in reality I should
not have been because of the wickedness manifesting itself in this world before my eyes. I asked
of the Lord, what is it that you want me to see, hear and know and then his words began to say;

You have been crying out my words that there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed and
nothing hidden which shall not be known. Therefore my son this is what you will see happen and
is happening throughout this fallen world.

All mankind will see the wickedness being done in high places in their lands both at a national
and local level by those whom they have placed in power over them.

The wickedness is so great that even those who do not follow after me will be astounded at the
intensity of this wickedness being done right before their eyes. For some it will cause them to
seek out the truth of all things and many will be added to my kingdom.

My Lord went onto say I have also heard yours and many other words of those in my fold that I
will show unto all of humanity the depth of the hatred and wickedness of satan towards all of my
creation, that it will cause many in my fold and many who are not to stop and check their ways
before the living God where their feet walk upon the ground where they have been placed.

Your words were these;

O Lord God to whom vengeance belongs, O God to whom vengeance belongs shine forth, rise up
O Judge of the earth and render punishment to the proud.

Lord how long will the wicked, how long will the wicked triumph? They utter speech and speak
insolent things, all the workers of iniquity boast in themselves.

They break in pieces your people O Lord and afflict your heritage. They slay the widow and the
stranger and murder the fatherless. Yet thy say, the Lord does not see, nor does the God of Jacob

I say unto them, understand you senseless among the people, you fools when will you be wise. I
know the thoughts of man, they are futile. I will not cast off my people nor will I forsake my

Judgment will return to righteousness and all the upright in heart will follow it. The throne of
iniquity which devises evil by law shall have no fellowship with me. Though they gather against
the life of the righteous and condemn innocent blood, I the Lord God, the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob will bring down upon them their own iniquity and I shall cut off their own wickedness, I
the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth shall do this thing in the sight of all men.

At the end of these words his peace once again came into this living soul and I know that my God
loves his creation beyond measure and that we will reach a time where he will turn to his Son,
our savior and Lord and say, go, go and bring our people to be with us forever more. I will be
their God and they shall be our people and walk where we walk now and in eternity.

My father’s parting words were these; do not fear these wicked ones, what I tell you in the
darkness speak in the light and what you hear proclaim on the housetops.

Reference Psalm 94, Mathew 10:26

7 th December 2019

Traveller in the Lord

2 thoughts on “Wickedness in High Places

  1. I nave been hearing other’s with a prophetic gifting utter these same words. There is a great revealing of darkness coming, indeed it has begun. Three years ago, just as the enemy was beginning to use the “pandemic” to attain unprecedented control, the Lord reminded me that He does nothing without first revealing it to His servants the prophets. Things are getting real!

    • Yes! You have spoken well. This writing comes to us from one who has allowed the Holy Spirit to speak, and his message of truth has enlightened many (1 Corinthians 2:9,10). You see the truth of the pandemic, yet many remain unlearned of the true damage the vax is causing, but the passing years will tell.
      Many Blessings Always.

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