Our Heavenly Father sent another to Teach, Guide and Comfort. He takes what is mine He says and He will reveal it to you.

I am led in the Lord to write these to encourage all my brothers and sisters in the Lord, that He is speaking to you right now.

I beseech thee to listen to that small still voice and wrote down what He is to say to you as it could very well save you life or someone else’s.

John 16:13 Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that he shall speak and he will shew you things to come.

Meditate on this verse and you will see that Spirit of Truth has a task to show you of things to come. This is not talking of fortune telling and yes, we need to be discerning to the voice that speaks to us in our quiet times. However we fear not if we follow the Lord’s teaching on how to test the spirit or voice that speaks.

Luke 21:36 watch ye therefore and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.

Read the whole chapter so you see what was being spoken about in these words. The warning is clear though, Watch ye therefore, and pray always.

2 Ephesians speaks of it in a slightly different way, Pray in all things. Notice the words “all things”

Our Father’s love for his children and friends is something that fills us, saves us and continues to cover us. Do you not think He wants to warn, speak, encourage and build up his loved ones in all circumstances.

We all know the scripture, “be still and know that I am God” With the noise of this world resounding in ones ears, it is most unlikely, if ever, that the voice of our God would be heard unless one does exactly what the Lord says, “be still and know that I am God”.

Brothers and sisters, we live in perilous times and more than ever we are going to need to listen to what God Almighty is saying to us as individuals and as His body and do what he says, not what man says, for our very lives will depend on His words to us.

Even as I sit here writing these word’s in Him I hear the Lord saying these words;

Many of my people have been given words, they even wrote them down, they even delivered them to ones I named, yet the enemy came in like a flood and was allowed to rob, kill and destroy not only my word but the one who was sent.

To the sent ones I would say saith the Lord, lift up those feeble hands once again and return unto your king and out of your bellies will flow living waters. You have done well by the act of obedience and nothing more was expected of you. Walk on and follow me, the ones to whom you were sent are my responsibility not yours and they are in my hands alone.

To those ones who rose up against the ones I sent, hear what the Lord God Almighty speaks unto you. These ones were sent to you for profit, not for evil and yet in your carnal nature envy and jealously rose up and you lifted your hand against the messenger.

Understand this, if you stand against the messenger, you stand against the one who sent this one, the one who has established His throne in Heaven and His Kingdom rules over all and my name is the ” I AM”

I laugh at the plans of man, I laugh at how they conspire against me and against my people, yet their reward is before them. They that prepare snares for my people shall find themselves caught up in those snares. You walk in unbelief and you shall perish in the unbelief.

You are like the ones of old who speak many words, but they are words that have no depth or life. They are words who turn people away from me and cause them to stumble. Surely your reward is not life but death saith the Lord.


Father, Abba Father we ask in the name of your Son, Jesus, that you give us ears to hear what your spirit is saying to us at this time.

Your words says, seek me while I can be found” We seek you today Lord with all that we are for the wisdom to hear and for understanding of what you are saying to us personally and as your body, your church.

Just like Joseph who you forewarned Lord, you are forewarning your people even in this time, not because you have to but because you love all your people and wish none to perish needlessly.

Forgive us Lord for our hard hearts and we turn back to you, the only True God and saviour to all. In Jesus name we speak these words before your heavenly throne.


The Traveller



  1. Thanks for the uplifting message. Have been recently forsaken by a long time friend. (no details) Now I think I understand how Paul must have felt in 2Tim 4:10. LOLGB+

    • Must have clicked send before finishing. Wanted to add: Walking in a shadow but staying focused on the light.[Sometimes I think that computer mouse has a mind of its own and wished the delete and enter weren’t so close together. Ha!]

  2. The battle cry of the Spirit is sounding… I was given some things I hope to send out soon… not popular…

    Be blessed and prepared.

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