For a time plus time now our Father and Savior has been preparing those who have ears to hear for such a time as this.

Many have been hidden in caves away from the gaze of all men. These ones have been tussling with God just like Jacob did, but not for a blessing but because even though they have been walking very close to the Father and the Son through the Holy Ghost they struggled to understand what God was asking them to do and why.

Others have been walking in places where there has been many of God’s people and when they were lead to speak they found themselves being laughed at, scorned and in some cases thrown out of the place they were in. These ones too went into their closets and tussled with God over what they were facing.

In both cases at times they became very discouraged BUT they fought the good fight of faith and trusted in their God and Father and kept walking with their eyes on the end prize.

Over and over the word came to them to not trust in their own understanding and to trust in HIM alone and they would be brought to that broad place where when they took stock of where they had walked they would have understanding on WHY the Lord took them down this pathway.

Again in both cases they walked alone for long period of times and in the times others were bought across their paths, these ones just had no understanding of the words that poured from their mouths or why they walked their lives in Christ their Lord in the manner they were doing.

These are some of the words that did come from their mouths. Why Lord do not your children understand what you put in my mouth. Why Lord do those that call themselves yours laugh and scorn and push me out of their places of worship. These are a few of the words that they found themselves speaking before men and God.

In amongst all of this all their faith never wavered but grew in leaps and bounds till before their eyes they came to a time and place (now) where they saw the great despair fall upon all nations on this earth that all man finds themselves walking through.

Now they understood and now they understand the training and equipping that they allowed the Heavenly Father to do in their lives.

They understand that this earth is not their home and they are a pilgrim passing through on their way home to the kingdom of their father.

They understand the sole purpose of any of his disciples is to go and make disciples of all men and nations and not get tangled up in the affairs of men for they have been called to be a soldier of God Almighty.

They understand that their sole message is to preach Christ crucified, nothing else, for the time they NOW find themselves facing is testing the hearts of all men. Those who the Father is drawing to his son are ready to hear the gospel of the good news and God alone has prepared the messengers / disciples to go forth into the fields that are ripe for harvest.

These are the remnant, Christ crucified messengers, true disciples of Christ Jesus prepared for a time just as the world now faces.

To those who have walked this road for the time plus time I too say in the Lord, you have walked down this path with God Almighty going before you every step of the way, NOW is the time in HIM to leave your caves and closets and go forth and go where He leads to go and you will see God himself reap the harvest for they number in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

These words God himself has spoken to you but some of you are waiting for a confirmation so these words have been written for that express purpose, to confirm and to encourage you to lift up your arms and eyes towards the harvest field just as I told my disciples when I walked this earth, for this is mine and your food and it will sustain you to the end of time.

A traveller and solider in Christ Jesus

The Traveller



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