Destruction of the Wicked

The Sheep And Goat

By Samson 7 Able

That GOD will destroy the wicked is common knowledge. HE brings the FINAL “final solution” to evil in this world.


But before GOD’S destruction of the wicked occurs, there is another one who brings destruction to us human beings, even as we live.


Hidden in the language of John 3:15 ( and the same phrase in verse 16), “who” brings destruction to man is identified.  [ It may surprise us.]

Here is the WORD spoken by Our LORD JESUS CHRIST :


And as Moses

lifted up the serpent

[ ophe0n = sharp-eyed one,not  herpaton, a reptile ]

in the wilderness,

even so must the SON+ of Man be lifted up:



That whosoever believeth in HIM+

should not perish,

but have eternal life.



For GOD so loved the world,

that HE gave

His only-begotten SON+,

that whosoever believeth in…

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