As I sat upon a hill top this day, my heart and mind wandered far and wide and I remembered
them all who went to these distant lands and gave their all for the many and me.

In the spirit I was taken to their side as they travelled to the many battle fields in these distant
lands. At each volley be it rifles or cannons a piece of my heart broke inside.

I watched the brave and the weak alike upon these lands with faces and bodies covered thick
with mud and blood.

Some stood and others fell as they walked and ran, always forward with one thing on their mind,
to gain the open ground and the victory, so that they could go home to whence they came from to
those waiting for them at the place they called home.

Each battlefield I was taken to with these ordinary men, the sheer loss of human life caused me
to sink to my knees and cry out to my heavenly Father above.

Father, O Holy one I thank you for each and every one these men and women who have freely
given their lives for me and all those so far away.

Let me treasure always their lives and sacrifice, no matter where they came from and where they
have gone to.

It was then as I travelled I was brought to a sudden stop. As I stood fast on this ground, the angel
of the Lord said to me, Look, what do you see?

As I lifted my head with tears streaming down each side, I saw a sea of crosses. As many were
clean and white, there were many made of broken sticks. When I beheld field after field of these
crosses, in an instance I was face down on the ground crying out once again.

O Heavenly Father I give you praise and worship because I remember your son, my Savior and

You sent him and he came freely and did your will. He freely let men nail him to his cross so that
all men might be saved so that they could live again with you in eternity forever.

As I lay there speaking these words, the angel lifted me up and wiped away my tears and said to
me; yes you will remember these ones that you have been shown, but more than that you shall
treasure their lives which were freely laid for you and the many upon this earthly land.

You will never forget the many and all who have fallen upon foreign lands of mud, rocks and
sand. Then the angel continued to say, but one day the Savior of all shall comeback again and
those who have died in him shall be raised again, so you shall see them again.

At these words the angel bid farewell but said unto me, honor all men upon this earth both the
living and dead and you a son of the most high shall see me again.

So do not weep anymore but rejoice in the spirit of God’s only Son and in the days ahead I shall
come and speak with you some more, for your sake and all men.

As I watched this angel of the most high ascend back to where he came I heard a solitary trumpet
play a most mournful sound and then the words came;


A Traveller in the Lord

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