Hell Does Exist

Sadly there are far too many people including those who bear the name christian that do not believe hell exists! The following video is of one who experienced hell for 23 minutes, and his account of such a place of torment is given with scriptures that make it impossible to deny hell’s existence.


4 thoughts on “Hell Does Exist

    • Wonderful Beth! I was thinking I was the only one that read this. It truly clears up any question if hell exists. I remember after reading it I told my husband if this man is really correct God will allow me to know. Well that night I woke up screaming because not for 23 minutes but for a few minutes I had the most horrific nightmares with spiders that were 8 foot tall among other horrendous views. I love how bill weise gives so many scriptures to prove this truth.

  1. Wow!! Praise the Lord!! He is so good to us!!! What an honor to be in His family!! Can we ever comprehend the depth of His love!!
    Have another blessed day in our Heavenly Father!!!

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