A Word In Season

a word in due season, how good it is! (Prov. 15:23 KJV)


Let us not grow weary in well doing…”

Spiritual weariness comes to all who love Him. The journey is always longer than expected. We start our journey with great excitement and fervor of heart. Somewhere along the way we begin to discover that the thing we are looking for is not only eternal but it’s unfolding is directly related to our own development of character and purity of heart. Jesus was tested to the extreme; the word declares that HE was tempted in ALL points common to man, yet without sin. HE never knew failure or compromise. HE was weary, tired, and tested beyond any measure of comparison with us.

Weariness comes to us all. It is part of the training and testing that we must pass through. We are here to be conformed into HIS very image and that in itself must impress upon us the NEED to walk in the same path that HE walked. For if the Father did not spare His only Begotten who are we to seek another way? The Good News is HE is here (present tense) to guard us and keep us as a loving Shepherd who watches with great diligence over His own.

We are exhorted in the above scripture to not grow weary in “well doing”. Many of God’s people in this day are in danger of succumbing to the weariness of the way. We hear of people who have simply stopped “doing well” and have relinquished their walk to a daily subsistence of trying to get through the demands of each passing day.

God has an answer for us! It is HOPE; a hope that is living and powerful. This hope communicates to the very soul of man a vitality and faith that rises up to quell the darkness of our thinking, the trial of the mundane things that greet us each day, and the quiet whispers within our soul that say “There is no help for you in God”. We are told in the scriptures that HOPE makes us not ashamed. It will not leave us barren. It will not fail us if we hold fast to the confession of our faith and make that living HOPE our anchor in time of need.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,

for He who promised is faithful”


Hope is the ability to see through the darkness and to know that beyond the thin veil of this present world (which is passing away) there is an eternal City shining with the Glory of our God. Its citizens have already passed through great trial and temptation and are watching our progress with great anticipation for us to complete that which God began with them* (Hebrews 11:39-12:1).

We read of Abraham who lived in a strange country sustained by hope; “for he LOOKED for a City whose builder and maker is God”. We see Moses who endured great trials for 40 years because he saw “Him who is invisible”! We read of the lives of those who made a difference in their day not because they were strong but because their God was strong on their behalf. This present day of small things will and must give way to the dawning of His Life within His own who feel the pulse of His Hope and His purposes. It is in such a time as this that those who long for more of God, who thirst for more than just another Sunday sermon, will know within their hearts that God has something greater than what we see today.

Weariness and apathy are the great tests of our day to sift out the hearts of men and to reveal those who truly love and desire His presence above all other things. “Let us not grow weary in well doing” for WE SHALL REAP IF WE FAINT NOT. The promise of reaping, the promise of bearing fruit unto HIM, the promise of seeing the Body of Christ arise out of the ashes of religion into the glorious liberty that HE has purposed is enough to stir us afresh to not grow weary.

May we see beyond the veil of the present state of things and be gripped with the promise of Him who says that WE SHALL REAP AND BEAR FRUIT UNTO HIM IF WE FAINT NOT.

And let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season, we shall reap,
if we faint not”


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The highest pinnacle of the spiritual life
is not happy joy in unbroken sunshine,
but absolute and undoubting trust in the love of God”
A. W. Thorold

Brian Troxel

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3 thoughts on “Weariness

  1. As the day draws near of our Lords return we are weary to bear the unrighteousness the world is so eager to follow. I just love what you wrote of those who have gone before us and how strong their faith was “ We read of the lives of those who made a difference in their day not because they were strong but because their God was strong on their behalf.”
    We will remain strong in our walk with the one who is our life, and by His grace we will move mountains on our journey back to our eternal home!

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