Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny unopened Dead Sea Scrolls

My Comment:  Every day new evidence surfaces to prove the claims that Israel has no right or has never been a presence in Jerusalem, is purely propaganda without basis.  And yet there are those that believe it.  This should set Christians to speak out, speak out for much of Jesus’  ministry  was centered around Jerusalem.  Yet they don’t.


(The Times Of Israel) An Israeli scholar turned up the previously unexamined parchments, which had escaped the notice of academics and archaeologists as they focused on their other extraordinary finds in the 1950s. Once opened, the minuscule phylactery parchments from Qumran, while unlikely to yield any shattering historic, linguistic or religious breakthroughs, could shed new light on the religious practices of Second Temple Judaism.

Read the full article via Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny unopened Dead Sea Scrolls | The Times of Israel.


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